1.substring Method

Definition and Usage

substring Method is used to extract characters that are mediated between two specified subscripts .



Parameters      describe

start     It's necessary . A nonnegative integer , Specifies that the first character of the substring to be extracted is in stringObject Position in .

stop     Optional . A nonnegative integer , The last character of the substring to be extracted is in stringObject There are many places in 1. If this parameter is omitted , Then the returned substring will go all the way to the end of the string .

Return value

A new string , The string value contains stringObject A substring of , Its content is from start Go to stop-1 All characters at , The length of stop reduce start.


substring The substring returned by the method includes start The character at , But does not include end The character at .

If start And end equal , Then the method returns an empty string ( The length is 0 String ).

If start Than end Big , Then the method will exchange these two parameters before extracting the substring .

If start or end It's a negative number , It will be replaced by 0.

2.substr Method

Definition and Usage

substr Method is used to return a substring of a specified length starting at a specified position .


stringObject.substr(start [, length ])

Parameters     describe

start   It's necessary . The starting position of the required substring . The index of the first character in the string is 0.

length Optional . The number of characters that should be included in the returned substring .


If length by 0 Or negative numbers , Will return an empty string .

If the parameter is not specified , Then the substring will continue to stringObject Last .

give an example :

var str = "0123456789";



































source : Big test -Java authentication

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