Thermal deployment

What is hot deployment

So called hot deployment : Such as the hot deployment of the project , It's when the application doesn't stop , Implement new deployment

Project demonstration case



public class IndexController {


private String itmayieduName;


public String index() {

String result = "springboot2.0 V1.0";"result:{}", result);

return result + itmayieduName;



Hot deployment principle

spring-boot-devtools It's a module for developers , One of the most important functions is to automatically apply code changes to the latest App The above to . The principle is that after you find that the code has changed , Restart the app , But it's faster than manually stopping and then starting , Faster is not the time saved by hand .

The underlying principle is the use of two ClassLoader, One Classloader Load classes that won't change ( The third party Jar package ), the other one ClassLoader Loading classes that change , be called   restart ClassLoader

, So when there's code change , The original restart ClassLoader To be discarded , Recreate a restart ClassLoader, Because there are fewer classes to load , So it realizes faster restart time (5 Within seconds )

Devtools rely on







Devtools principle

1. devtools Will listen classpath Document changes under , And will immediately restart the app ( It happened at the time of preservation ), Be careful : Because of the virtual machine mechanism , The restart is fast .

2. devtools Hot page deployment can be realized ( That is, the page will take effect immediately after modification , This can be directly in Configuration in file spring.thymeleaf.cache=false To achieve ( Note that different template configurations are different )

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