Continue with the last blog post , Tell me more about it js Code and JQuery DataTables Editor--- Page content modification && Database information modification problems and solutions .

1. About dialog

initialization :

modal: true,
autoOpen: false,
show: {
effect: "blind",
hide: {
effect: "explode",

dialog At initialization time , To set up  modal by true, It's a cover , When dialog The pop-up box appears , You can only operate dialog What's in it . The advantage of this is that it only makes dialog once , It is convenient for the analysis of specific cases datatables The operation of .

close :

 function dialogClose() {

When dialog Medium ajax When the asynchronous update is successful , Call the above code to close dialog.

2. About datatables

initialization :

 var editor;
// Statement datatable
editor = $('#gridtable').dataTable({
"bServerSide": false,
'bPaginate': false, // Pagination or not .
"bProcessing": false, // When datatable Whether to display the processing prompt information when getting data .
'bFilter': false, // Whether to use the built-in filtering function .
'bLengthChange': false, // Whether users are allowed to customize the number of items displayed on each page .
'sPaginationType': 'full_numbers', // Page style

First of all, I declare editor, stay datatables Initialization time is editor assignment , This is convenient for us to initialize the datatables operation .
     $("#gridtable").dataTable().fnDestroy(); This code , It will be stated earlier datatable destroy. Without this code , When the page refreshes , Will appear dataTable It has been stated that , No need to declare the wrong warning , This will not happen every time , The specific reason has not been found yet , But with this code , There is no such mistake .

dataTable You can set your own style .

3.datatables The operation of

Click on the selected line to change color and get the contents of the selected line :

 // single click , Value , Change the style 
$("#gridtable tbody tr").click(function (e) {
if ($(this).hasClass('row_selected')) {
else {
var aData = editor.fnGetData(this);
......// Get the value of the selected row , These values are in aData in , It's in the form of an array , You can manipulate this set of values

Click on a line , If this line has been selected , Then remove the style , If you don't choose , be  $(this).addClass('row_selected'), You can add the style you want .
    var aData = editor.fnGetData(this); You can get the value of the click line , In the above code, you get all the values of the newly selected line .

Double click the selected line to change color , Get the contents of the selected line and pop up dialog:

 // double-click 
$("#gridtable tbody tr").dblclick(function () {
if ($(this).hasClass('row_selected')) { }
else {
} var aData = editor.fnGetData(this);
......// The data can be manipulated
$("#e_Attributes").dialog("open");// open dialog });

When you double-click, the color of the selected line changes and the content of the selected line is the same as when you click , But when you double-click, you add more editor.$('tr.row_selected').removeClass('row_selected') Code , Because the same datatables We set it as mutually exclusive , You can only select one row at a time , This code can remove the style of the previously selected line . After testing , We don't have to judge whether the line was selected or not , This code works well .
     Double click to open dialog, $("#e_Attributes").dialog("open") Used to open dialog.

Add operation :

 // add to 
$("#add").click(function () {

When you click add Button time , Remove the selected line style from the dialog box , Clear all the contents in the pop-up box , Finally open dialog.
      Edit operation :

 // edit 
$("#edit").click(function () {
var productAttributeID = $("#productAttributeID").val();
if (productAttributeID != "" && productAttributeID != null) {
} });

Clicking the Edit button looks simple , Because when we click on the selected row, we have done the work --- Get the value of the selected row , And give to dialog The corresponding element in . So just turn it on dialog that will do .
     Delete operation :

 // Delete 
$("#delete").click(function () {
var productAttributeID = $("#productAttributeID").val();
var productID = $("#productID").val();
if (productAttributeID != null && productAttributeID != "") {
if (confirm("Delete?")) {
type: "GET",
url: "@Url.Action("DeleteAttribute", "Product")",
data: { ProductID: productID, ProductAttributeID: productAttributeID },// The parameter name should be the same as Action The parameter names in are the same
dataType: "html",
cache: false,
success: function (result) {

Delete operations use asynchronous updates , The code of warning box pop up when deleting is if(confirm(" What needs to be displayed ")){}.

Now what we need is done .

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