We define app Picture specifications

app Icons need to be divided into iphone and android Two sets





Cell phone size

960*640( high * wide )

1136*640 ( high * wide )

Battery bar



Top navigation bar



Bottom navigation bar



Icon Icon

57*57px  and  114*114px

Please design the specifications of the required pictures according to the above information
1) In application App Icon And 【 home page 】 The icon :
drawable-hdpi: 72*72px
drawable-mdpi: 48*48px
drawable-xdpi: 96*96px
2) Common buttons :
drawable-mdpi: high 32px
drawable-hdpi: high 48px

drawable-xdpi: high 64px
3)【 more 】 The icon in :
drawable-mdpi: 32px * 32px
drawable-hdpi: 48px*48px
drawable-xdpi: 64px*64px

mobile phone Background picture specifications :

Iphone4:(960-40)*640 px

Iphone5: (1136-40)*640 px

notes :40px For battery bar

android Background map :
drawable-mdpi: 480*320px
drawable-hdpi: 800*460px


Buttons and other pictures
  The artist sets the size according to the resolution , There is no specific regulation .

Iphone5 Image applications in need to judge :

Picture size :640*1136, Naming method Default-568h@2x.png

Judge iphone5:

#define iPhone5 ([UIScreen instancesRespondToSelector:@selector(currentMode)] ? CGSizeEqualToSize(CGSizeMake(640, 1136), [[UIScreen mainScreen] currentMode].size) : NO)

Iphone5 Picture application

iphone5? @“Default-568h.png”: @“Default.png”;

The startup icon needs specifications iphone and android Two sets , The format is .PNG.


drawable-mdpi: 48*48px
drawable-hdpi: 72*72px
drawable-xdpi: 96*96px
drawable-xxdpi: 144*144px

iphone5 Specifications :

[[UIScreen mainScreen] bounds].frame.size;

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