margin and padding What does that mean?

margin Margin ,padding padding , The outer margin represents the distance between the edge of an element and its adjacent elements , The inner margin represents the distance between the content and the border of the element .

font:12px/1.5 What do you mean ?

among 12px/1.5 Express : Text size 12 Pixels , Row height 1.5 times , That is to say 150%

margin How to set

You can refer to :

margin Shorthand property sets all outer margin properties in one declaration . The four attributes are clockwise , On the lower left

such as :

margin:10px 5px 15px 20px

The top margin is 10px

The right margin is 5px

The bottom margin is 15px

The left margin is 20px


It also allows you to set only two values to represent four values , When you set two values , The first value represents the top margin and the bottom margin , The second value represents the left margin and the right margin . such as :

margin:10px 5px

The top margin is 10px

The right margin is 5px

The bottom margin is 10px

The left margin is 5px


margin The other thing you can set is auto value ,auto The value is set by the browser itself , such as

You can use :margin:0 auto

Juzuo can use :margin:0 auto 0 0

You can use :margin:0 0 0 auto

display:inline/block What does that mean?

for div and span Elements, for example ,div Is a block level element , and span Is an inline element , That is to say , Assuming there are no other settings , Two div The elements will be up and down , Two span Elements will be left and right typesetting relations

And if you want to change div For inline mode , Then we need to use display attribute

Inline example :

Block level examples :

float What does that mean?

It means floating , This property is used for layout , For example, the following figure

How to design ?

It is divided into two active blocks , The block on the left is banner chart , The block on the right is a text introduction and buttons . So suppose the father div If it's the whole display , We see the one on the left banner Graph distance from father div There's a certain distance in the left box , The one on the right is also a certain distance .

There is a problem in realizing this, which is these two div It should be inline , But the inline elements are margin Attributes don't work . So to make inline elements work, you need to set float attribute .

There are probably three ways to do this :

1 Father div Set in padding, And then the one on the left banner Of div And the text on the right div Set separately float Left and right

2 Father div Do not set padding, And then the one on the left banner Of div Set up float At the same time, set margin. But at this point , stay IE6,7 In this case, there will be the problem of bilateral distance , So you need to set display:inline.

3 Father div Do not set padding, And then the one on the left banner Of div Put it in another div Inside , And this div Set up float, And then it's a little bit div I'm doing it again margin The operation of .

Reference article :

Commonly used CSS Summary of abbreviation grammar

font:12px/1.5 What do you mean ?

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