Create a database file :

>SQLite3 d:\test.db enter

I just generated one test.db stay d disc .

So at the same time SQLite3 Put this on test.db


use .help You can see what the orders are

>.help You can enter.

3) You can enter it directly here SQL Statement to create a table , use ; end , Then enter and you'll see

4) See how many tables have been created


5) Look at the structure of the watch

>.schema Table name

6) Take a look at the database you're currently hanging on to


7) If you want to output the query to a file

>.output file name

> Query statement ;

The query result is output to the file c:\query.txt

Output the query results on the screen

>.output stdout

8) Output the table structure , At the same time, the index will output

.dump Table name

9) sign out

>.exit perhaps .quit

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