Alibaba cloud mailbox settings

How to add an alicloud email account to the e-mail client of the mobile phone ? Here we use iPhone4s And Android, for example , Add the alicloud mailbox account respectively .
This is how the official website introduces :
One 、 As follows iPhone4s For example , Please refer to :
1、iPhone mobile phone ," Set up "——> mail 、 Mail list 、 The calendar ——> " Add Account "——> " other " ——> “ Add email account ", Add account information :
E-mail : A complete email account, such as;
password : Email login password .

2、 Click on “ next step “, Fill in the receipt 、 Sending server information , Wait for the verification to pass and the setting is complete .
1) The receiving server : The default is imap, You can choose imap perhaps pop3 Receive letters , The corresponding servers are \;
user name ( Must fill in ): A complete email account, such as;
password : Email login password .
2) Sending server;
user name ( Must fill in ): A complete email account, such as;
password : Email login password .

PS: If you need to use SSL Cryptographic protocol , Please change the server port to :POP3:995    IMAP:993   SMTP:465.
3、 Other account related settings , Please choose to save .
Two 、 How to use Android phones ( samsung 、HTC etc. ) Email clients send and receive mail ?
1、 E-mail ——> Account settings ——> Other accounts , Add account information :
E-mail address : A complete cloud email account, such as;
password : Email login password .

2、 Select to set the receiving type pop3 or imap account number , The corresponding server information is as follows : port :110(ssl Encrypted to 995);
 Imap:   port :143(ssl Encrypted to 993);
  user name : A complete cloud email account, such as;
  password : Email login password .

3、 Set up the sending server :
  Server name;
  Server port :25( Android system defaults to 587, You need to manually change it to 25);
  user name : A complete cloud email account, such as;
  password : Email login password .

4、 Other account related settings , Please choose and adjust by yourself .

Personal setting experience :

Because the company is an enterprise mailbox , According to various Baidu 、 The official website prompt settings are not good , Guess it may be that enterprise email and personal email are different , Generally follow the steps of personal email .
After setting it up, I found that , The enterprise mailbox is set according to the above steps , The premise is to modify pop and smtp Set the host name of ( Host server ) by : take pop3(/smtp) Change it to pop3. The domain name of the mailbox you want to set .com

qq Mailbox settings

The encyclopedia step is like this :

iphone Bring one with you Mail Program , It's a tool for receiving email , Through the corresponding settings can be very convenient to send and receive mail . But a lot of iphone Users ignore its existence . With QQ Mailbox as an example , Let's teach you how to set up Mail Program , In order to achieve No QQ It can also send and receive conveniently QQ mail .


  • iphone/ipod touch

  • The computer

NO1. Set up your own QQ mailbox

  1. 1

    Log in to your own QQ Email home , Click below your email address “ Set up ” Get into QQ Mailbox setting interface

  2. 2

    In the setting interface , Click on “ Account ” tab , Then pull down

  3. 3

    notice “POP3/IMAP/SMTP/Exchange service ” The settings of this column , hold “POP3/SMTP service ” and "IMAP/SMTP" These two services are hooked up , Other settings are selected according to personal needs , Finally, click... At the bottom and left of the page " Save changes " You can make the settings take effect


NO2. Set up your own Iphone

  1. 1

    Click to enter iphone On the home screen tray Mail Program

  2. 2

    Because the email received came from QQ mailbox , There is no corresponding email service provider in the interface , So you can only select ” other “ the

  3. 3

    Next, fill in the relevant parameters .” name “ The name filled in the column will be displayed as the name of the sender in the e-mail you send ,” Address “ Of course, just fill in your own QQ Email address ,” password “ yes QQ Login password for ,” describe “ It's a personal description of this email , Easy to remember and distinguish . Fill in and make sure , There will be a verification process

  4. 4

    After verification, the following interface will appear , Click on ” Storage “. This saves the settings of this mailbox , Click later Mail The program can go directly into QQ The mailing list

    The actual effect :

  5. 5

Personal setting experience

Follow the steps above , As usual, it didn't work , Maybe the reason is that my email is not a separate password ,
Baidu's reason is that : If you use SSL, At this time, the password does not need to fill in the email password, but the authorization code .
What's the authorization code ?
Before you set up qq Mailbox pop/smtp... Waiting for service , Tencent will send you a password to authorize three parties to log in ,iPhone The built-in mailbox is equivalent to a three-party login platform ,
So set qq The password you need to enter for email is not qq password , It's the three-party authorization code Tencent gives you , The authorization code style is as follows :
As for other things to pay attention to pop3/smtp The corresponding port numbers are 995/465, It's the same as setting up Alibaba enterprise .
link :

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