background : When it comes to reflection mechanism , You're sure to think of dynamic agents .

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The proxy pattern can be used without modifying the proxy object , By extending the proxy class , Add and enhance some functions . It is worth noting that , The proxy class and the surrogate class should implement an interface together , Or inherit a class together .

Static proxy

Proxy classes need to write their own code as .

A dynamic proxy


  • loader Nature is a class loader
  • interfaces The interface the code is going to use as a proxy
  • h One InvocationHandler object


The interior is just one invoke() Method , It is this method that determines how to handle the method call passed by the proxy .

  • proxy Proxy object
  • method Method called by proxy object
  • args Parameters in the called method

The dynamically generated proxy class name is the package name +$Proxy+id Serial number


In the software industry ,AOP by Aspect Oriented Programming Abbreviation , Meaning for : Section oriented programming , A technique for unified maintenance of program functions through precompilation and runtime dynamic proxies .AOP yes OOP The continuation of , It is a hot topic in software development , It's also Spring An important part of the framework , Is a derivative paradigm of functional programming . utilize AOP Parts of the business logic can be isolated , Thus the degree of coupling between the parts of the business logic is reduced , Improve program reusability , At the same time improved the efficiency of development .

The main function
logging , Performance statistics , safety control , Transaction processing , Exception handling and so on .


There are two kinds of proxy: static proxy and dynamic proxy .
Static proxy , Proxy classes need to write their own code as .
A dynamic proxy , The proxy class passes through Proxy.newInstance() Method generation .
Whether it's a static proxy or a dynamic proxy , Both the agent and the agent have to implement two interfaces , Their essence is interface oriented programming .
The difference between a static proxy and a dynamic proxy is whether developers define it themselves Proxy class .
Dynamic proxy through Proxy Dynamic generation proxy class, But it also specifies a InvocationHandler Implementation class of .
The essence of the proxy pattern is to enhance the functionality of existing code .

( turn ) Easy to learn ,Java Agent mode and dynamic agent in

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