Through the analysis of , The registration code is divided into six parts :

Name: "xxx"

Addr1: "yyy"

Addr2: "zzz" These three characters don't represent length

Key1: "32 A string of hexadecimal numbers " It's in memory in the form of : For example, the string is

"18A519949D4E5F1FAED08A3EAB7CC665" It takes two characters as a byte , In memory in sequence   ===> 18 A5 19 94 wait

Key2: "32 A string of hexadecimal digits " ditto

Chksm: "kk" Just one byte

The second half of the above six parts will be copied to the following location :

xxx 5e2f14

yyy 5e2f65

zzz 5e2fa2

key1 Value 5e2fdf

key2 Value 5e2fef

key1 and key2 The values in are tightly linked in memory .

Chksm Value 5e30f9

The first half of the above six parts , There will be a comparison , That is to say as like as two peas . In addition to the space in the middle, it can be replaced with other characters

use PEID Check and find no shell , Then look at the import table , Find the key function

stay lstrcmpiA Break down , Enter the registration code at will , And then I found out , Register the judgment function in sub_568A74

The separation and copy of the whole string is closely related to sub_569fa4 of , He'll clear some of the separators , Go to the next part .

The first half of the six parts are tested in the following form :

among 5e42fc It's a transfer station :

stay sub_569fa4 in , Will copy the separated string to 5e42fc in , If it's the second half of the string, it will be copied to [5e2F14,+0xeb) The corresponding position of

The above is the separation and partial detection of six registration codes .

Here is checksum How to calculate the value of :

Is to put 5e2f14 At the beginning 0xeb Bytes , Add all in bytes

Because this data block has been set before 0, So there won't be any other factors .

checksum Is to put 5 The second half of each part is added in bytes , The lower byte of the resulting value , Namely checksum The value of the .

in addition 0x5e3238 The value of determines the expiration time of the software

0x5e3238 The value of is determined by key1 The head of word And tail word Exclusive or obtained , Pay attention to the byte order , This value must be in [46e4,5221) Between , High byte must be &&0x80==0

key1 The last of 3 Bytes byte_5e2fec and 0x1f == 0x13 ==>5e2fec == 0x13 or 0x33 0x53 73 93 b3 e3

byte_5e2fec/32 ==> 5e31a2 !=5,8,6 that b3 No way. ` 0 1 2 3 4 5 6

byte_5e31a2 [2,6]

Name: "aaaa"
Addr1: "bbbb"
Addr2: "cccc"
Key1: "2A3C1111111111111111111111535770"
Key2: "11111111111111111111111111111111"
Chksm: "E3"

Genuinely Licensed for personal use. personal use

Software is unlocked. All Updates released before 2018/03/28 are free for me.

The software has been unlocked . 2018 year 3 month 28 All previous upgrades are free for me .

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