[ Summary ]

Just touched oracle My classmates may often be rowid and rownum These two words are confused , Make sure these two guys are good for us to write sql It would be very helpful , Now I'll throw a brick to attract jade , Let's talk about the difference between them .

[ Compare ]

rowid and rownum All are oracle Pseudo columns in , But there are essential differences between them :

rowid: It's the physical address , Used to locate data in a data table , It's unique and it won't change .

rownum: It is a logical number assigned to each row according to the result set of the query , The query results are different , rownum Nature is different .

For the same record , Different query conditions , rownum Would be different , But rowid Will not change .

Demo sample : Check all the employees of the company

select rowid, rownum, empno, ename from emp;

Demo sample : Check the name of the company's employees, including 'S'

select rowid, rownum, empno, ename from emp where ename like '%S%';

It's not hard for careful students to find out , For one line of records , rowid It hasn't changed , rownum Changed . such as : The name is 'SMITH' The employees' .

[ trap ]

1. rownum Only symbols are supported <、<=、!=, I won't support it >, >=, =, between...and

select * from emp where rownum > 10 -- No results 
select *
from (select rownum row_num, e.* from emp e) emp_temp
where emp_temp.row_num > 10; -- You can get ten records later

Explain it. : because rownum Is a pseudo column added to the result set , That is, a column added after finding the result set ( emphasize : You have to have a result set ). In short rownum Is the serial number of the result that meets the criteria , It always comes from 1 Start ranking , So you can't choose without 1, And there are more than 1 Value .

With the above knowledge , It's not hard to explain the following phenomenon :

① Why? select * from emp where rownum != 10 Always back before 9 Bar record ?

Because after the query to the result set , Show the end of 9 Bar record , The record after that is != 10.

② Why? rownum > 1 There's not a single record , and rownum > 0 or rownum >= 1 But it always shows all the records ?

because rownum It is added after the result set is found , It always comes from 1 Start .

③ Why? between 1 and 10 perhaps between 0 and 10 We can find out , and between 2 and 10 But no results ?

The reason as above , Less rownum=1 It's like a castle in the air .

[ application ]

A lot of nonsense , What's the use of these two guys ?

Hey , Don't worry. , Here's the main dish ...

problem : Get the top three salaries

analysis : The assumption is sql server Just fine , We can use topkeyword, oracle We use rownum Can also solve

 select *
from (select * from emp order by sal desc)
where rownum <= 3
order by rownum asc

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