One . Group query
1. Use group by Group query
In the use of group by When a keyword , stay select The items that can be specified in the list are limited ,select Only the following items are allowed in the statement :
〉 Grouped Columns
〉 Returns a value expression for each group , For example, an aggregate function with a column name as a parameter
group by Let's just write a few examples :
example :
select courseID,avg(score) as Course average
from score
group by courseID
example :
select studentID as Student number ,courseID as Internal test ,avg(score) as Internal test average
from score
group by studentID,courseID
2. Use having Clause
where Clause can only filter data rows without grouping statistics , The filtering of grouped conditions must use having Clause
example :
select studentID as Student number ,courseID as Internal test ,avg(score) as Internal test average
from score
group by studentID,courseID
having avg(score)>60

stay select In the sentence ,where、group by、having The order of execution of clauses and statistical functions is as follows :
where Clause removes data that does not meet the search criteria from the data source ;group by Clause to collect rows of data into groups , The statistical function calculates statistics for each group ;having Clause removes groups of data rows that do not meet its group search criteria .

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