JavaScript The simple types of are Numbers 、 character string 、 Boolean value 、null value 、undefined value .

Other values are objects . Objects are variable keying sets . Array 、 function 、 Regular expressions are objects .

Objects are containers for properties , Attributes are name and value pairs . Names can be all strings including empty strings . The value can be in addition to undefined Any value other than .

JavaScript Objects in are unclassified (class-free) Of .

JavaScript Including a prototype chain feature , Allow an object to inherit the properties of another object . Correct use can reduce the time and memory consumption of object initialization .

Object literal :

var empty_object = {};
var stoog = {
"first-name" : "Jerry",
second_name : "howead"

Be careful :
1. If the property name is legal and not a reserved word , What's the name   quotes   Don't write . in other words , yes “ Reserved words ” When ,“ The attribute name ” Be sure to quote , otherwise IE browsers Report errors ;
2. in addition , Object's last property value is followed by no comma “,” Of , Otherwise ,IE The browser will report an error again , Bear in mind !!!

retrieval :



If you try to return the value of a nonexistent element , Then it will return a undefined value .

|| Can be used to fill in the default values

Such as :var middle = stoog["first-name"]||"(none)";

retrieval undefined The value will cause TypeError abnormal , have access to && To avoid mistakes &&    //undefined.

quote reference

Object is passed by reference , They will never be copied

Prototype Prototype

When used Prototype After writing a class , When new A new object, The browser will automatically put prototype The content in is attached to object On .

Reflection Reflection

typeof flight.number //'number' This method checks the prototype chain .

flight.hasOwnProperty('number') //true . This method does not check the prototype chain

enumeration Enumeration

for in It can be used to traverse all property names in an object . Will list all the attributes , Include functions and properties in prototypes that you may not care about . And not in order .

So it can be used typeof perhaps hasOwnProperty To filter out unwanted values .

So we usually use for instead of for in, We can get the attributes we want , Instead of getting the attributes in the prototype chain , And it can be obtained in order .

Delete delete

It removes the properties contained in the object , But don't touch any objects in the prototype chain . So deleting an object's attributes may make the attributes in the prototype chain emerge .

Reduce global variable pollution Global Abatement

One way to minimize the use of all variables is to create only one global variable in the application , Then let that variable be called your application's container .

Closures are also an effective way to reduce global pollution .

JavaScript Literal object And   Array A mixture of

1、 Array creation

1.1 use “ Array literal ”

JS The array of is typeless , It can store any type of data , Such as :

var aValues=["string", 24, true, null];

Here we define an array literal quantity , It can be accessed as follows :

alert(aValues[0]); // Output string ”string”
alert(aValues[1]); // Output number 24
alert(aValues[2]); // Output Boolean values true
alert(aValues[3]); // Output null.

1.2、 If you don't want to define arrays in literal notation , It can also be used. Array Constructor for . Such as :

var aValues = new Array("string", 24, true, null);

2、 Object creation

2.1、 In terms of objects , Such as :

var oCar = {
"color": "red",
"doors": 4,
"paidfor": true

Here you create an object , There are three attributes in it , Available as “.” To access the properties of an object :

alert(oCar.color); // Output ”red”
alert(oCar.door); // Output ”4”
alert(oCar.paidfor); // Output ”true”

Also available “[“ attribute ”]” Get the property value in the same way , as follows :

alert(oCar["color"]); // Output string ”red”
alert(oCar["door"]); // Output string ”4”
alert(oCar["paidfor"]); // Output string ”true”

2.2、 Again , You can also use JS Of object Constructor to create an object . as follows :

var oCar = new object();
oCar.color = "red";
oCar.doors = 4;
oCar.paidfor = true;

2、 A mixture of arrays and objects

You can only use mixed literal quantities here , To create “ An array of objects ” or “ Objects that contain arrays ”. as follows :

var oCars = [
"color": "red",
"doors": 2,
"paidfor": true },
"color": "blue",
"doors": 4,
"paidfor": true
"color": "white",
"doors": 2,
"paidfor": false

This is an array of objects , It contains three objects , It's like this when you visit :

alert(oCars[1].color); // Output “blue”

Here's an object that contains an array :

oCarInfo = {
"availableColors": ["red", "blue", "white"],
"availableDoors": [2, 4]

It's like :

alert(oCarsInfo.availableColor[1]); // Output “blue”

Extended reading :JavaScript operation JSON Method summary

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