One 、spinnaker summary

1、spinnaker yes netflix An open source cloud release CI/CD, Its predecessor is Asgard,spinnaker Support various deployment targets , Include OpenStack、DC/OS、Kubernetes and Cloud Foundry etc. .

2、 Function Overview
& By being flexible and configurable Pipelines, Achieve repeatable Automated Deployment ;
& Provide a global view of all environments , You can always see where the application is deployed Pipeline The state of ;
& Through consistent and reliable API , Provide programmable configuration ;
& Easy to configure 、 Maintenance and expansion ;
& With operational scalability ;
& compatible Asgard characteristic , Original users don't need to migrate .

3、 Component Overview

& Deck: User oriented UI Interface components , Provides an intuitive introduction to the operation interface , Visual operation release deployment process .
& API: Call oriented API Components , We don't have to use the UI, Call directly API operation , It helps us to perform publishing and other tasks in the background .
& Gate: yes API The gateway component of , It can be understood as agent , All requests are forwarded by their agents .
& Rosco: Is build beta Mirrored components , Need configuration Packer Components use .
& Orca: It's the core process engine component , Used to manage processes .
& Igor: It's used to integrate other things CI System components , Such as Jenkins Wait for a component .
& Echo: Is the notification system component , Send email and other information .
& Front50: It's a storage management component , Need configuration Redis、Cassandra And so on .
& Cloud driver It's a component that adapts to different cloud platforms , such as Kubernetes,Google、AWS EC2、Microsoft Azure etc. .
& Fiat Is the component of authentication , Configure rights management , Support OAuth、SAML、LDAP、GitHub teams、Azure groups、 Google Groups etc. .

Two 、 Deploy

1、 Deploy the system

ubuntu   4 nucleus 8G      System version :16.04 tls

2、 install docker

Choose the right version ,k8s The version used is docker-ce_17.06.

download docker:

install docker:

# dpkg -i /data/docker-ce_17.06.2~ce-0~ubuntu-xenial_amd64.deb

To configure dockerFQ:
Configure your own shadowsocks+privoxy, Refer to my blog :

# mkdir /etc/systemd/system/docker.service.d/
# cd /etc/systemd/system/docker.service.d/
# cat http-proxy.conf
Environment="HTTP_PROXY=" "NO_PROXY=localhost,,,,,,,,,10.,172.,,,"

# systemctl daemon-reload
# systemctl restart docker

3、 Use kubeadm install k8s

by ubuntu System switching , The domestic environment is not good FQ Can't download , So we need to change the source .

# cat <<EOF > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/kubernetes.list
deb kubernetes-xenial main

# apt-get  update

# apt-get install  kubeadm  kubectl  kubelet  ipvsadm

The latest version installed by default , I installed 1.11.2.

You can download the required image in advance :

If it's already configured FQ, You can directly perform the following initialization steps .

initialization k8s:

# kubeadm init --kubernetes-version v1.11.2 --token-ttl 0 \


Follow the prompts to complete the initialization operation , Then set the master Sure deploy.

# kubectl taint nodes --all

As shown in the figure above, it means normal startup .

4、 establish Account and NFS Dynamic storage

First, build a NFS service , Please refer to my other blog for the specific construction process :

Install the client on the current system :

# apt install nfs-kernel-server

Set the hanging point :

# mount -t nfs  /data/opv -o proto=tcp -o nolock

## Of /data/opv yes nfs Shared directory for service ,  hinder /data/opv It's the hanging point of this machine .

1) establish account be used for helm Deployment Services

## establish tiller user , be used for helm Installation authorization
# cat rbac.yaml
apiVersion: v1
kind: ServiceAccount
   name: tiller
   namespace: default
kind: ClusterRoleBinding
   name: tiller
   kind: ClusterRole
   name: cluster-admin
   - kind: ServiceAccount
     name: tiller
     namespace: default

# kubectl  create -f  rbac.yaml

## establish default user , be used for spinnaker Installation authorization
# cat default-rbac.yaml
kind: ClusterRoleBinding
   name: default
   kind: ClusterRole
   name: cluster-admin
   - kind: ServiceAccount
     name: default
     namespace: default

# kubectl  create -f  default-rbac.yaml

2) establish NFS Dynamic storage

! Create user authorization

# cat serviceaccount.yaml
apiVersion: v1
kind: ServiceAccount
   name: nfs-provisioner

# cat clusterrole.yaml
kind: ClusterRole
   name: nfs-provisioner-runner
   - apiGroups: [""]
      resources: ["persistentvolumes"]
      verbs: ["get", "list", "watch", "create", "delete"]
   - apiGroups: [""]
      resources: ["persistentvolumeclaims"]
      verbs: ["get", "list", "watch", "update"]
   - apiGroups: [""]
      resources: ["storageclasses"]
      verbs: ["get", "list", "watch"]
   - apiGroups: [""]
      resources: ["events"]
      verbs: ["watch", "create", "update", "patch"]
   - apiGroups: [""]
      resources: ["services", "endpoints"]
      verbs: ["get"]
   - apiGroups: ["extensions"]
      resources: ["podsecuritypolicies"]
      resourceNames: ["nfs-provisioner"]
      verbs: ["use"]

# cat clusterrolebinding.yaml
kind: ClusterRoleBinding
   name: run-nfs-provisioner
   - kind: ServiceAccount
     name: nfs-provisioner
     namespace: default
   kind: ClusterRole
   name: nfs-provisioner-runner

# kubectl create -f serviceaccount.yaml -f clusterrole.yaml -f clusterrolebinding.yaml

! establish deployment

# cat deployment.yaml
kind: Deployment
apiVersion: extensions/v1beta1
   name: nfs-client-provisioner
   replicas: 1
   type: Recreate
            app: nfs-client-provisioner
         serviceAccount: nfs-provisioner
            - name: nfs-client-provisioner
                  - name: nfs-client-root
mountPath: /persistentvolumes
      - name: PROVISIONER_NAME
         value: fuseim.pri/ifs
      - name: NFS_SERVER
      - name: NFS_PATH
         value: /data/opv
      - name: nfs-client-root
            path: /data/opv

! establish storageclass

# cat storageclass.yaml
kind: StorageClass
   name: managed-nfs-storage
provisioner: fuseim.pri/ifs

# kubectl create -f deployment.yaml -f storageclass.yaml

5、 install helm

Download the corresponding binary installation package

Unzip and add to the system path :

#  wget

# tar xf helm-v2.10.0-linux-amd64.tar.gz

# cp helm  /usr/local/bin

initialization helm, install tiller

# helm init --upgrade --service-account tiller --tiller-namespace default -i --stable-repo-url

Download the latest charts. Do not use aliyun Of , Outdated Version , Will report a mistake .

modify charts Inside storageclass For the above self-defined :managed-nfs-storage

root@skr:/data/spinnaker# ls charts/
jenkins minio redis

1) Modify the values.yaml file , take storageclass/Storageclass Change the name to the one created above managed-nfs-storage

2) modify spinnaker In the catalog values.yaml file , take minio Of imageTAG Modify to and charts/minio In the catalog values.yaml The file is the same .

#vim  spinnaker/values.yaml

enabled: true
imageTag: RELEASE.2018-03-16T22-52-12Z

# vim spinnaker/charts/minio/values.yaml

repository: minio/minio
tag: RELEASE.2018-03-16T22-52-12Z

Define your own docker registry Address :
#vim spinnaker/values.yaml
- name: dockerhub

address Change it to your own registry Address

3) modify spinnaker In the catalog values.yaml file , modify kubeConfig

kubectl create secret generic kubeconfig --from-file=/root/.kube/config

enabled: true
secretName: kubeconfig
secretKey: config
# List of contexts from the kubeconfig to make available to Spinnaker
- kubernetes-admin@kubernetes

6、 install spinnaker:

stay spinnaker Execute under directory :
# helm install -n spinnaker --tiller-namespace default ./ -f values.yaml --namespace default

If there's a problem with the deployment , You can use the following command to delete this deployment :

# helm del --purge --tiller-namespace default spinnaker

7、 visit

Configure access deck:
see pod Service port for :
# kubectl get pods spinnaker-spinnaker-deck-5d87d8d9f9-lswwv --template='{{(index (index .spec.containers 0).ports 0).containerPort}}{{"\n"}}'

Map port to local , Access to services . Of course, one can be deployed ingress Agent access , This is just a test environment .

# kubectl port-forward spinnaker-spinnaker-deck-5d87d8d9f9-lswwv 9000:9000

As a result of such a leaked service monitoring, So in order to use the service , We need to set up a service agent by ourselves . I'll use it here nginx:

##spinnaker-spinnaker-deck-5d87d8d9f9-lswwv  It is my deck Of pod The name of , Here you need to write your own .

Delete what cannot be deleted pod:
# kubectl delete pod pod-name --grace-period 0 --force

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