expdb And exp The exported data is different ,exp Unable to export null table , For clients ,expdb Only for the server side . The backup data can be transferred to another remote station linux Realize remote backup !

One   About expdp and impdp     Use EXPDP and IMPDP What should be paid attention to when :
EXP and IMP Is a client utility , They can be used on the client side , It can also be used on the server .

EXPDP and IMPDP It is the tool program of the server , They can only be in ORACLE Server use , Can't use... On the client side .

IMP Only applicable to EXP Exported files , Do not apply to EXPDP export file ;IMPDP Only applicable to EXPDP Exported files , Not applicable to EXP export file .

expdp or impdp On command , Don't indicate the user name for the moment / password @ Instance name as identity , And then type... According to the prompt , Such as :
expdp schemas=scott dumpfile=expdp.dmp DIRECTORY=dpdata1;

One 、 Create a logical Directory , This command does not create a real directory on the operating system , Best to system Wait for the administrator to create .
create directory dpdata1 as 'd:\dump';

Two 、 Check the administrator Directory ( At the same time, check whether the operating system exists , because Oracle It doesn't matter if the directory exists , If it doesn't exist , You make a mistake )
select * from dba_directories;

3、 ... and 、 to scott The user gives the operation authority in the specified directory , Best to system Wait for the administrator to give .
grant read,write on directory dpdata1 to scott;

Four 、 Derived data
1) According to the user guide
expdp scott/[email protected] schemas=scott dumpfile=expdp.dmp DIRECTORY=dpdata1;

2) Import the entire database
expdp system/manager DIRECTORY=dpdata1 DUMPFILE=full.dmp FULL=y;

5、 ... and 、 Restore data
1) Import to the specified user
impdp scott/tiger DIRECTORY=dpdata1 DUMPFILE=expdp.dmp SCHEMAS=scott;

notes : If there are already expdb Derived dmp file ( This file is exported from other server data ), To import a database on your own server , You need to set up a database on your own server first directory( Catalog ), After the directory is created, there is no real folder. You need to create this folder manually , After creating this folder, put expdb Lead out dmp Put the files in this folder , Re execution   dos command ------   impdp hecv/000000 schemas=hecv directory=dphecv dumpfile=hecvdata.DMP     You can import the data to the server database

2) Import database
impdb system/manager DIRECTORY=dump_dir DUMPFILE=full.dmp FULL=y;

Additional content :

0. Connect to remote server
1. export
expdp rdyslw/rdyslw directory=expdp_dir dumpfile=rdyslw.dmp logfile=rdyslw_1018.log schemas=rdyslw
2. Sign in sqlplus / as sysdba;
Create folder create or replace directory expdp_dir as 'e:\';-- In the future, we have to pass expdp_dir To visit e: Files on disk
3. Create tablespace
create tablespace rdyslw --[ also rdjddb]
datafile 'C:\oraclexe\app\oracle\oradata\XE\rdyslw.dbf' 
size 50m 
autoextend on 
next 50m maxsize 20480m 
extent management local; 
4. Create user create user rdyslw identified by rdyslw 
default tablespace rdyslw;
5. to grant authorization grant connect,resource,dba to rdyslw; Folder Access grant read,write on directory expdp_dir to rdyslw;

5. Import impdp rdyslw/rdyslw directory=expdp_dir dumpfile=RDYSLW.DMP logfile=rdyslw.log schemas=rdyslw table_exists_action=replace

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