-- First, insert data into the user table as follows


INSERT  INTO `userinfo`(`ID`,`UserName`,`UserLogin`,`UserPassword`,`UserEmail`,`UserType`)

VALUES (1,' Zhang San ','zhangsan','zhangsan','zhangsan@qq.com',1),

(2,' Li Si ','lisi','lisi','lisi@qq.com',2),

(3,' Wang Wu ','wangwu','wangwu','wangwu@qq.com',1),

(4,' Zhao Liu ','zhaoliu','zhaoliu','zhaoliu@qq.com',3),

(5,' Zhao Liu ','zhaoliu1','zhaoliu1','zhaoliu1@qq.com',3),










-- The query user name is empty (null) User information for



-- The query user name is an empty string ('') User information for

SELECT * FROM UserInfo WHERE UserName ='' ;

-- Query user name is Not empty (null) User information for     !=null and is not null Is different By default !=null return 0 Row result

It is often used when the filter is not empty is not null and !=null, These two methods are similar only from the literal point of view , In fact, the running results are very different !

null It means nothing , You can't =、>、< … All judgment , The result is false, All you can do is is null Judge . By default , Recommended is not null To judge , because SQL By default !=null Your judgment will always return to 0 That's ok , But there are no grammatical errors ;


SELECT * FROM UserInfo WHERE UserName != NULL ;

-- Query user name Not an empty string ('') And it's not empty (null) User information for

SELECT * FROM UserInfo WHERE UserName <> '' ;

-- There's another problem count(columnName) The function is not statistical null It's worth it


SELECT COUNT(UserName) FROM UserInfo ;

-- IFNULL Function USES

-- IFNULL(expr1,expr2)  If expr1 No NULL, return expr1, Otherwise it returns expr2.

SELECT *,IFNULL(UserName,' Invalid user ') AS Remark FROM UserInfo


SELECT IFNULL(0/1,' Instead of null') ;.

SELECT IFNULL(1/0,' Instead of null') ;

-- Expand IF function

-- IF(expr1,expr2,expr3)  If expr1 yes TRUE(expr1<>0 And expr1<>NULL), return expr2, Otherwise it returns expr3.

SELECT IF(TRUE,'true value ','false value ') ;

SELECT IF(FALSE,'true value ','false value ') ;

SELECT IF(1>2,1,2) ;

SELECT IF(1<2,2,1) ;

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