C# The message in is Application Class from the application message queue , And then distribute it to the corresponding form of the message , The first response function of a form object is protected override void WndProc(ref System.Windows.Forms.Message e) Method .
     It calls the default message response function according to the type of message ( Such as OnMouseDown), The default response function then depends on the event field of the object ( Such as this.MouseDown ) List of function pointers in , Call the response function added by the user ( Such as Form1_MouseDown1 and Form1_MouseDown2), And the calling order is the same as the user adding order

According to this process , I made an imitation program , If there are some deficiencies, please provide more perfect supplements .

using System;

// Create a delegate , Return type void, Two parameters

public delegate void KeyDownEventHandler(object sender, KeyEventArgs e);

// Data parameter class

class KeyEventArgs : EventArgs


private char keyChar;

public KeyEventArgs(char keyChar)

: base()


this.keyChar = keyChar;


public char KeyChar


get { return keyChar; }



// imitation Application class

class M_Application


public static void Run(M_Form form)


bool finished = false;



Console.WriteLine("Input a char");

string response = Console.ReadLine();

char responseChar = (response == "") ? ' ' : char.ToUpper(response[0]);

switch (responseChar)


case 'X':

finished = true;



// Get the parameters of the key information

KeyEventArgs keyEventArgs = new KeyEventArgs(responseChar);

// Send a message to the form




} while (!finished);



// Imitate the form class

class M_Form


// Defining events

public event KeyDownEventHandler KeyDown;

public M_Form()


this.KeyDown += new KeyDownEventHandler(this.M_Form_KeyDown);


// Event handler

private void M_Form_KeyDown(object sender, KeyEventArgs e)


Console.WriteLine("Capture key:{0}", e.KeyChar);


// Form handling functions

public void WndProc(KeyEventArgs e)


KeyDown(this, e);



// Main program running

class MainEntryPoint


static void Main()


M_Application.Run(new M_Form());



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