1. The tools needed
    1. Visual Studio 2012
    2. http://tfs.visualstudio.com/
    3. Microsoft website
    4. Microsoft account   hotmail or live Will do
  2. Achieve a goal
    1. Suitable for personal projects , Multi user management
    2. Microsoft's own version of git
    3. For example, the test project in the company is submitted to tfs, Then get it at home and modify it
    4. enjoy tfs Other services , Such as work items、bug management 、Test etc.
  3. Execution steps
    1. Create project
    2. VS Medium SourceControl Set to
    3. land tfs.visualstudio.com Create a new project , The website is hereinafter referred to as tfs.com
        Enter the name of the project
    4. stay visual studio2012 Middle link tfs.com New projects in , The connection address is :  user name .visualstudio.com
    5. take visual studio2012 Project code submitted to tfs.com
      a) Right click the project root , Click on add to control source
      b) Navigate to the specific code file , Right click on the check in, The results are as follows , Fill in comment Click again on the check in
    6. because tsf.com Our service is relatively slow , It takes a while to submit , Please be patient . Pictured : Submit completed
    7. After submitting, you can view the submitted code on the website
    8. If you want to disconnect and tfs The connection of , Can be found in vs2012 In turn, the operating :menu-->team-->disconnect from
    9. Other operations are connected vss、svn It's about the same with code management , Explore for yourself
    10. And then there is backlog、task、query、reqeustfeekback、members manage And many other functions , You can also go tfs.visualstudio.com
    11. Example :bug management   Through website distribution bug To a user
    12. Example :bug management   The user is in VS You can see bug, And reply
  4. summary
    1. tsf.com similar git, But and visual studio Close combination , except visual studio, There is no need to install other software
    2. tsf.com The service provided is relatively slow , That's a deficiency
    3. At present only visual studio 2012 Have used , Other versions haven't been tested yet

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