Ninject Is an open source lightweight dependency injection plug-in . From the contact ioc since , Always use this , I think it's good to use , It's easy to configure . stay mvc It's a basic fool like configuration .

Preparation before development

  1. Create a new one mvc3 project .
  2. install Ninject.mvc3. This is the birth control center ninject stay mvc3 An extension of . Can be directly in nuget Install in . Here's the picture :

After the search , Click Install to your own project layer ( I have only one floor here , So install it directly to the root of the website ), So a folder will appear in the project App_Start There is a cs file , yes ninject.mvc3 This plug-in is written for me ioc class .

So we configure the environment , It's time to start the development of dependency injection .


  1. Create a new interface class ITest:
 1 using System;
2 using System.Collections.Generic;
3 using System.Linq;
4 using System.Web;
6 namespace MvcIoc.Interface
7 {
8 public interface ITest
9 {
10 string GetMsg(string str);
12 }
13 }

2. Create a new class Test, Realization ITest Interface

 1 using System;
2 using System.Collections.Generic;
3 using System.Linq;
4 using System.Web;
5 using MvcIoc.Interface;
7 namespace MvcIoc.Concrete
8 {
9 public class Test:ITest
10 {
11 public string GetMsg(string str)
12 {
13 return " Dependency injection test message :" + str;
14 }
15 }
16 }

3. Open our installation Ninject.mvc3 When App_Start Automatically created under cs class . In the code Itest and Test binding . The code is as follows :

[assembly: WebActivator.PreApplicationStartMethod(typeof(MvcIoc.App_Start.NinjectWebCommon), "Start")]
[assembly: WebActivator.ApplicationShutdownMethodAttribute(typeof(MvcIoc.App_Start.NinjectWebCommon), "Stop")] namespace MvcIoc.App_Start
using System;
using System.Web; using Microsoft.Web.Infrastructure.DynamicModuleHelper; using Ninject;
using Ninject.Web.Common;
using MvcIoc.Interface;
using MvcIoc.Concrete;
public static class NinjectWebCommon
private static readonly Bootstrapper bootstrapper = new Bootstrapper(); /// <summary>
/// Starts the application
/// </summary>
public static void Start()
} /// <summary>
/// Stops the application.
/// </summary>
public static void Stop()
} /// <summary>
/// Creates the kernel that will manage your application.
/// </summary>
/// <returns>The created kernel.</returns>
private static IKernel CreateKernel()
var kernel = new StandardKernel();
kernel.Bind<Func<IKernel>>().ToMethod(ctx => () => new Bootstrapper().Kernel);
kernel.Bind<IHttpModule>().To<HttpApplicationInitializationHttpModule>(); RegisterServices(kernel);
return kernel;
} /// <summary>
/// Load your modules or register your services here!
/// </summary>
/// <param name="kernel">The kernel.</param>
private static void RegisterServices(IKernel kernel)
// All interface and implementation class bindings are written here

In this way, we bind an interface to a class that implements the interface .

4. Create a new one HomeController, And then write a Index Of action, And create index The view of . And give the interface in the constructor Itest Initialize an object .

 1 using System;
2 using System.Collections.Generic;
3 using System.Linq;
4 using System.Web;
5 using System.Web.Mvc;
6 using MvcIoc.Interface;
7 namespace MvcIoc.Controllers
8 {
9 public class HomeController : Controller
10 {
11 //
12 // GET: /Home/
14 public ITest test;// Define the interface to be called during constructor initialization .
15 public HomeController(ITest test)
16 {
17 this.test = test;
18 }
20 public ActionResult Index()
21 {
22 ViewBag.test = test.GetMsg(" Test success ");
23 return View();
24 }
26 }
27 }

And then the view code : Display the called... On the page GetMsg Returned message .

1 @{
2 ViewBag.Title = "Index";
3 }
5 <h2>Index</h2>
6 @ViewBag.test

5. Such a dependency injection project is complete , Run code . give the result as follows :

Project code

Download this

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