Crawler test :

Because crawler is the data source of the whole system , Very important , But because of the citation jar Package and run complex , This is mainly for functional testing , By increasing the seed, Run crawler , You can see the continuous refresh of logs and the increasing number of database entries in the background console , Proved the correctness of the crawler , about word、pdf And so on , Also only do functional testing . The result is satisfactory

Module unit test :

This part mainly includes three parts , We have written unit test reports for each of the three modules , as follows :

Database connection part test :

pdf、html Processing tests :

word And word segmentation test :

Front end test :

Here, the main number of front-end test is compared with the previous functional design

Because the front end is difficult to implement unit testing , So here's mainly functional testing , In a typical scenario , Compare the expected effect with the actual effect

The test scenario contains :

  1. Account login and logout
  2. Reptiles start and stop
  3. Reptiles seed Add and delete the web address
  4. Crawler multithreading
  5. Data processing starts and stops
  6. Real time acquisition of processing progress
  7. Crawler crawling progress real-time access

Test matrix :

Because the front end of the program is a web page , So it involves the testing of web pages for different versions of browsers and different systems , Constraints and actual conditions , We did the following tests :

System browser result
win10 firefox normal
win10 chrome normal
win10 QQ normal
win10 IE normal
win10 EDGE normal
win server sogou normal
win server IE normal

SOLR test :

The ultimate goal of the program is to provide data to the front-end group, and also for the display of Xueba website , So we're also interested in solr Upload function has been tested :

By visiting solr Manage web pages :

Execute the query , You can see the final number of nodes :

And as data processing goes on , This node is growing , prove solr The correctness of data upload

test bug Summary :

  1. The crawler background program cannot be enabled on the server
  2. The data processor cannot run too many threads , Otherwise, an exception will be thrown when the database is written
  3. Web crawler keyword related functions are useless

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