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Only a short while ago , In order to find an unlimited IP, There is no limit CPU, No time limit Weblogic License, You need to go all over the Internet , These days are gone forever ~~~~~

A few months ago , hear Oracle Acquisition BEA After the news , Also guess Weblogic Will you no longer need License 了 , I didn't expect it to come true today ~~~~~~

Now just go to Website , Package selection "BEA Products", Platform selection "Linux x86", Choose "Bea Weblogic Media Pack for linux x86", Press "Continue" after , What do you see ? Yes , That's the first line 111k the B48376-01, Her description is BEA License Keys, After downloading it, there are a lot of License, I'll make a list of them :             LIC-ELAXPLAT_ADAPTER-12.txt         LIC-TXMFA91-OSITP.txt         LIC-ELAXPLAT_FULL-12.txt            LIC-TXMFA91-SNA.txt         LIC-ELPLAT_RTK-ADAPTER-12.txt       LIC-TXMFA91-TCP.txt
LIC-ADPIWY55-ERP.xml    LIC-FMD34ALSB.txt                   LIC-WEBEXP-128.txt
LIC-ALANLYTCS25-C.txt   LIC-FMP34ALSB-CASH.txt              LIC-WEBEXP-56.txt
LIC-ALBPM-DESIGN60.txt  LIC-FMP34ALSB-CHEQ.txt              LIC-WEBEXPCLST-128.txt
LIC-ALBPM-DSGN57.txt    LIC-FMP34ALSB-COLL.txt              LIC-WEBEXPCLST-56.txt
LIC-ALBPMENG-SA60.txt   LIC-FMP34ALSB-CUST.txt              LIC-WLCS30-100.txt
LIC-ALBPMENG-WL57.txt   LIC-FMP34ALSB-FEMM.txt              LIC-WLEVS20.txt
LIC-ALBPMENG-WL60.txt   LIC-FMP34ALSB-FIN.txt               LIC-WLI102-AIP.txt
LIC-ALBPMENG-WS57.txt   LIC-FMP34ALSB-ISO.txt               LIC-WLI102-B2B.txt
LIC-ALBPMENG-WS60.txt   LIC-FMP34ALSB-MM.txt                LIC-WLI102.txt
LIC-ALBPM-STU57.txt     LIC-FMP34ALSB-SEC.txt               LIC-WLI70-128.txt
LIC-ALBPM-STUDIO60.txt  LIC-FMP34ALSB-SEPA.txt              LIC-WLI70-56.txt
LIC-ALCS60.txt          LIC-FMP34ALSB-SWFT.txt              LIC-WLI70-AI-128.txt
LIC-ALDSP32.txt         LIC-FMP34ALSB-XML.txt               LIC-WLI70-AI-56.txt
LIC-ALDSP32WLS10.txt    LIC-GUARD1.0-SITE.txt               LIC-WLI81-128.txt
LIC-ALE10-C.txt         LIC-INFOINTEG.txt                   LIC-WLI81-AI-128.txt
LIC-ALER30-ADV.txt      LIC-JLT10-UNLTD-T1.txt              LIC-WLMS36.txt
LIC-ALER30-PRO.txt      LIC-JRMC50.txt                      LIC-WLNG30.txt
LIC-ALES30-AA.txt       LIC-KODO-ENT41-CPU.txt              LIC-WLP30-LOTUS.txt
LIC-ALES30-SSM.txt      LIC-KODO-ENT41.txt                  LIC-WLP30-MSX.txt
LIC-ALI61BSCSRCH-C.txt  LIC-KODO-PRO41.txt                  LIC-WLPE102.txt
LICALI61MP1GRDSRCH.txt  LIC-KODO-STD41.txt                  LIC-WLRT20.txt
LIC-ALI61MP1PORT-C.txt  LIC-LD85.txt                        LIC-WLS10-MME.txt
LIC-ALI61-PORT-C.txt    LIC-PFRM92.txt                      LIC-WLSA10.txt
LIC-ALI65GRDSRCH.txt    LIC-PLAT102-DEV.txt                 LIC-WLSA-VE10V12.txt
LIC-ALICOLLAB45-C.txt   LIC-PLAT102-ISVED.txt               LIC-WLS-BASE-128.txt
LIC-ALINETAP11.txt      LIC-PORT102.txt                     LIC-WLS-BASE-56.txt
LIC-ALIPUBLISH64-C.txt  LIC-PORT10.txt                      LIC-WLS-CLSTR-128.txt
LIC-ALISHRPNT11-C.txt   LIC-RFIDEDGE30.txt                  LIC-WLS-CLSTR-56.txt
LIC-ALP10-C.txt         LIC-RFIDEDGMOBIL10.txt              LIC-WLSP10.txt
LIC-ALPGS10-C.txt       LIC-SALT20-T1.txt                   LIC-WLSP-VE10V12.txt
LIC-ALSB30-P.txt        LIC-SL-SA21_For-Tux64-65-WLE42.txt  LIC-WLXB10.txt
LIC-ALSR30.txt          LIC-SL-SA21_For-Tux71-WLE51.txt     LIC-WLXC10.txt
LIC-ANLYT25PATHCPU.txt  LIC-SMARTCON30-ORC.txt              LIC-WRKG10.txt
LIC-AQINT30.txt         LIC-SMARTCON30-PSF.txt              LIC-WSIP30CNTRX-2K.txt
LIC-BLUEDRG621R2.txt    LIC-SMARTCON30-SAP.txt              LIC-WSIP31STD-R2.txt
LIC-COLLAB51.txt        LIC-SMARTCON30-SIE.txt    
LIC-ELADK-USR.txt       LIC-TCP_32.txt                      WB-SERVER-BASE.txt
LIC-ELAMFJAM_41.txt     LIC-TX10-UNLT1-128_With-Jolt.txt    WB-SERVER-CLUSTER.txt
LIC-ELAMFJAM_4.txt      LIC-TX10-UNLT1-56_With-Jolt.txt     WLOC-10.txt

I downloaded a Weblogic Server 10, Tested it LIC-WLSP10.txt, have access to , This License It contains the following :


But no time limit , There is no limit ip, There is no limit cpu Oh . Action is better than action , Download it now !!

in addition , bea The product can be used in or download .

Undeniable? weblogic It's an excellent product , but Oracle Will be able to weblogic Is it destroyed ? I'm afraid we have to look at oracle bone inscriptions (Oracle) 了

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