using System;

using System.Data;

namespace Sunlib


public static class DataHelper


// Convert database data object to entity value object

//T: Types to convert

//columnName: Name

//defValue: The default value is

public static T ToValue<T>(DataRow dr, string columnName,T defValue)






return (T)(Convert.ChangeType(dr[columnName], typeof(T)))


// If the obtained field value is empty , Return the default value

return defValue;


// Call function ToValue

public void Update()


// Omit getting Table Data part code

DataRow dr=ds.Tables[0].Rows[0];

// Get the corresponding field value of the data table ,ToValue The default is critical , The default value determines the type of acquisition

string MeterNo=ToValue(dr,"MeterNo","");//string Type default with double quotes

decimal Insideno=ToValue(dr,"Insideno",0m);//decimal The default value can be set to 0m perhaps decimal Type values

DateTime Reading=ToValue<DateTime>(dr,"Reading",DateTime.Now);//DateTime The default value can be set to the current value ; As long as the default value type is set correctly ,<> Can be removed





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