Bloggers recently launched a APP Development , Positioning function is needed , After some tossing , It's finally done , Don't bullshit , The code is as follows

mui.plusReady(function() {
var longitude, latitude;
//var map = new BMap.Map("container"); // navigator.geolocation.getCurrentPosition(function(position) {
// longitude = position.coords.longitude;
// latitude = position.coords.latitude;
// console.log("longitude:" + longitude + "==latitude:" + latitude);
// var point = new BMap.Point(longitude, latitude);
// map.centerAndZoom(point, 20); // Initialize map , Set center point coordinates and map level
// var marker = new BMap.Marker(point); // Create annotations
// map.addOverlay(marker); // Add annotations to the map
// map.panTo(point);
// }); plus.geolocation.getCurrentPosition(translatePoint, function(e) {
mui.toast(" abnormal :" + e.message);
}); function translatePoint(position) {
var currentLon = position.coords.longitude;
var currentLat = position.coords.latitude;
var gpsPoint = new BMap.Point(currentLon, currentLat);
BMap.Convertor.translate(gpsPoint, 2, initMap); // Coordinate transformation
} function initMap(point) {
map = new BMap.Map("container"); // Create map
map.addControl(new BMap.NavigationControl());
map.addControl(new BMap.ScaleControl());
map.addControl(new BMap.OverviewMapControl());
map.centerAndZoom(point, 15);
map.addOverlay(new BMap.Marker(point)); } // setTimeout(function() {
// var gpsPoint = new BMap.Point(longitude, latitude);
// BMap.Convertor.translate(gpsPoint, 0, function(point) {
// var geoc = new BMap.Geocoder();
// geoc.getLocation(point, function(rs) {
// var addComp = rs.addressComponents;
// mui.alert(addComp.province + ", " + + ", " + addComp.district + ", " + addComp.street + ", " + addComp.streetNumber);
// });
// });
// }, 3000); });

Be careful , In use , Need to introduce Baidu map JS

<script type="text/javascript" src=" developer key"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

among , developer key Need to go to Baidu map developer platform to apply , Here is a link to

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