cmdlets Another name for , It's good for using traditional cmd The way Or use bash The way people work , More convenient use of more frequent commands .

Here is from Built in aliases obtained from aliases .

PS C:\> Get-Alias *>>a.txt
PS C:\> Get-Content .\a.txt

CommandType Name ModuleName
----------- ---- ----------
Alias % -> ForEach-Object
Alias ? -> Where-Object
Alias ac -> Add-Content
Alias asnp -> Add-PSSnapin
Alias cat -> Get-Content
Alias cd -> Set-Location
Alias chdir -> Set-Location
Alias clc -> Clear-Content
Alias clear -> Clear-Host
Alias clhy -> Clear-History
Alias cli -> Clear-Item
Alias clp -> Clear-ItemProperty
Alias cls -> Clear-Host
Alias clv -> Clear-Variable
Alias cnsn -> Connect-PSSession
Alias compare -> Compare-Object
Alias copy -> Copy-Item
Alias cp -> Copy-Item
Alias cpi -> Copy-Item
Alias cpp -> Copy-ItemProperty
Alias curl -> Invoke-WebRequest
Alias cvpa -> Convert-Path
Alias dbp -> Disable-PSBreakpoint
Alias del -> Remove-Item
Alias diff -> Compare-Object
Alias dir -> Get-ChildItem
Alias dnsn -> Disconnect-PSSession
Alias ebp -> Enable-PSBreakpoint
Alias echo -> Write-Output
Alias epal -> Export-Alias
Alias epcsv -> Export-Csv
Alias epsn -> Export-PSSession
Alias erase -> Remove-Item
Alias etsn -> Enter-PSSession
Alias exsn -> Exit-PSSession
Alias fc -> Format-Custom
Alias fl -> Format-List
Alias foreach -> ForEach-Object
Alias ft -> Format-Table
Alias fw -> Format-Wide
Alias gal -> Get-Alias
Alias gbp -> Get-PSBreakpoint
Alias gc -> Get-Content
Alias gci -> Get-ChildItem
Alias gcm -> Get-Command
Alias gcs -> Get-PSCallStack
Alias gdr -> Get-PSDrive
Alias ghy -> Get-History
Alias gi -> Get-Item
Alias gjb -> Get-Job
Alias gl -> Get-Location
Alias gm -> Get-Member
Alias gmo -> Get-Module
Alias gp -> Get-ItemProperty
Alias gps -> Get-Process
Alias group -> Group-Object
Alias gsn -> Get-PSSession
Alias gsnp -> Get-PSSnapin
Alias gsv -> Get-Service
Alias gu -> Get-Unique
Alias gv -> Get-Variable
Alias gwmi -> Get-WmiObject
Alias h -> Get-History
Alias history -> Get-History
Alias icm -> Invoke-Command
Alias iex -> Invoke-Expression
Alias ihy -> Invoke-History
Alias ii -> Invoke-Item
Alias ipal -> Import-Alias
Alias ipcsv -> Import-Csv
Alias ipmo -> Import-Module
Alias ipsn -> Import-PSSession
Alias irm -> Invoke-RestMethod
Alias ise -> powershell_ise.exe
Alias iwmi -> Invoke-WmiMethod
Alias iwr -> Invoke-WebRequest
Alias kill -> Stop-Process
Alias lp -> Out-Printer
Alias ls -> Get-ChildItem
Alias man -> help
Alias md -> mkdir
Alias measure -> Measure-Object
Alias mi -> Move-Item
Alias mount -> New-PSDrive
Alias move -> Move-Item
Alias mp -> Move-ItemProperty
Alias mv -> Move-Item
Alias nal -> New-Alias
Alias ndr -> New-PSDrive
Alias ni -> New-Item
Alias nmo -> New-Module
Alias npssc -> New-PSSessionConfigurationFile
Alias nsn -> New-PSSession
Alias nv -> New-Variable
Alias ogv -> Out-GridView
Alias oh -> Out-Host
Alias popd -> Pop-Location
Alias ps -> Get-Process
Alias pushd -> Push-Location
Alias pwd -> Get-Location
Alias r -> Invoke-History
Alias rbp -> Remove-PSBreakpoint
Alias rcjb -> Receive-Job
Alias rcsn -> Receive-PSSession
Alias rd -> Remove-Item
Alias rdr -> Remove-PSDrive
Alias ren -> Rename-Item
Alias ri -> Remove-Item
Alias rjb -> Remove-Job
Alias rm -> Remove-Item
Alias rmdir -> Remove-Item
Alias rmo -> Remove-Module
Alias rni -> Rename-Item
Alias rnp -> Rename-ItemProperty
Alias rp -> Remove-ItemProperty
Alias rsn -> Remove-PSSession
Alias rsnp -> Remove-PSSnapin
Alias rujb -> Resume-Job
Alias rv -> Remove-Variable
Alias rvpa -> Resolve-Path
Alias rwmi -> Remove-WmiObject
Alias sajb -> Start-Job
Alias sal -> Set-Alias
Alias saps -> Start-Process
Alias sasv -> Start-Service
Alias sbp -> Set-PSBreakpoint
Alias sc -> Set-Content
Alias select -> Select-Object
Alias set -> Set-Variable
Alias shcm -> Show-Command
Alias si -> Set-Item
Alias sl -> Set-Location
Alias sleep -> Start-Sleep
Alias sls -> Select-String
Alias sort -> Sort-Object
Alias sp -> Set-ItemProperty
Alias spjb -> Stop-Job
Alias spps -> Stop-Process
Alias spsv -> Stop-Service
Alias start -> Start-Process
Alias sujb -> Suspend-Job
Alias sv -> Set-Variable
Alias swmi -> Set-WmiInstance
Alias tee -> Tee-Object
Alias trcm -> Trace-Command
Alias type -> Get-Content
Alias wget -> Invoke-WebRequest
Alias where -> Where-Object
Alias wjb -> Wait-Job
Alias write -> Write-Output

You can also customize aliases : such as  linux Next commonly used touch command . create a file .

stay pw in yes  new-item Alias ni. Let's redefine a touch . Parameters item-type=file Of

In PowerShell you can create a similar Touch function as such:

function touch {set-content -Path ($args[0]) -Value ($null)}


touch myfile.txt

Delete your own alias

Aliases don't need to be deleted , Custom alias in powershell It will be cleared automatically when you exit . But rest assured ,powershell Built in alias ( Such as ls,dir,fl etc. ) It won't clear . If you have to delete the alias manually . Please use

PS C:\PS> del alias:Edit

Save your alias

have access to Export-Alias Export alias to file , Pass when necessary Import-Alias Import . But there may be exceptions when importing , Indicates that the alias already exists and cannot be imported :

PS C:\PS> Import-Alias alias.ps1
Import-Alias : Alias not allowed because an alias with the name 'ac' already exists.
At line:1 char:13
+ Import-Alias <<<< alias.ps1
+ CategoryInfo : ResourceExists: (ac:String) [Import-Alias], SessionStateException
+ FullyQualifiedErrorId : AliasAlreadyExists,Microsoft.PowerShell.Commands.ImportAliasCommand

You can use Force Force import .

PS C:\PS> Export-Alias alias.ps1
PS C:\PS> Import-Alias -Force alias.ps1

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