Preface : This small example project is completely based on MJ Video taught optimization program step by step, one idea, from scratch to knock out the code , And every step has an idea , It's all logical, so . Knock code, pay attention to thinking , I personally don't recommend remembering too much , Anyway, I have a bad memory .

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Small case projects -- Add merchandise and trade name

good , Now it's done plist File data -- The switch to --> Collection objects store this data , Next, according to MVC Principles , Of course we need a Model( Data model ),

So you need to create a new data model class , At the same time, we need the class prefix , Class prefix can be set once and for all :

Set the class prefix :

New data model :

Come here MVC Medium Model Be on it , And then we have to prepare View 了 :

In order to share the control with multiple controllers

  • Inherited from the control of the system , Write a control of your own
  • Purpose : Encapsulate the details inside the control , Don't let the outside world care
  • step :
    • Create a new inheritance UIView Class
    • stay init Method
    • stay layoutSubViews Method frame
      • Be sure to call [super layoutSubView]
    • Provide a model property ( I personally found that : In fact, you can directly pass in local parameters through the initialization method , And then the local part uses this model property ), Rewriting model properties set Method
      • stay set Method , Assign values to the corresponding child controls
 Because inherited from UIView, So it has UIView Properties of .
such as frame attribute , such as addSubView Method , And you can override the layoutSubViews Method

layoutSubviews This method is specifically used to lay out child controls , Set the frame

// This method has to be implemented
[super layoutSubviews];

Think about custom controls in this MVC How to customize and use the integrated project :

1、 First of all, because of the combination pattern , So you need to create two controls that need to be combined internally :
UIImageView and UILabel These two child controls .
2、 Where to create these two combined controls ?
Create the most appropriate... In the initialization method . Because we need to create this custom control , You create two child controls .
3、 in addition , Creating child controls requires model data model, Because a UIImageView Corresponding to one icon, One UILabel Corresponding to a trade name ,
And one icon And a UILabel Is stored in a model In the model object , therefore , You also need to create a reference to the model object .


please On : Next, let's talk about why we should be in layoutSubView in , Implementation of child control frame Set up , Not just in the initialization method WithFrame: (CGRect)frame Pass in the required parent control frame, And then through the frame Set the frame Well ? Or by declaring a property Of Frame attribute , And rewrite this frame Of set Method :

1 -(void)setFrame:(CGRect)frame
2 {
3 _frame = frame;
4 }

Explain answer : Because the " Discuss " The problem is that , No matter what is passed into the parent control through the initialization method frame, Or access symbols through dots or setFrame Method to pass in the frame Will be called layoutSubView Method , also , In the class of the parent control , The initialization method also calls its own through the point access symbol frame, Just click to visit frame Will be called layoutSubView Method , So it's better to go straight to layoutSubView Set the layout position of the child control .

in addition : as long as Of a control frame A change , Will call layoutSubView Method , This can be done by clicking the event button , Button to listen for a change component frame Attribute method , This side Method implementation, click once to change the control frame, And then in the class of this control layoutSubView Method write print frame Methods .

So the idea that the following code doesn't change is , In the initialization method of the parent control class, only through alloc-init To initialize the child controls , And then in layoutSubView Method frame.

The idea of Jiugongge algorithm :

 Logical process description : Every click , Add a picture once , And adding a line more than three times will wrap , And it occupies one third of the row distance of the parent control .
We need to solve three problems :
1、 Every click , Add a picture once
2、 Add more than three line breaks per line
3、 The location is one third of the row distance of the parent control

problem 1 Solutions : Every click , The change is to add child controls 1, So you can get the dynamic data value through the number of child controls of the parent control n :

int n = (int)self.shopsBoxView.subView.count

problem 2 Solutions : As long as it's related to line feed, you can consider finding remainder or modulus :

// Row number :row Column :column
int row = n / 3;
int column = n % 3;
 And then there are the coordinates of this grid in the nine palace grid 
Combined with the order of the number of corresponding child controls
  • Let's briefly explain the logical relationship , Before we first add child controls , Number of child controls count = 0, The coordinates corresponding to the child controls to be added are (0,0), therefore :count = 0 -> (0,0);count = 1 -> (0,1);count = 2 -> (0,2)... And so on

summary : Use the current number of child controls , Through the algorithm of finding the row and column , You can calculate the coordinates of the corresponding nine palace grid

problem 3 The solution :

The coordinates obtained in question 2 can be used to calculate the coordinates of the sub controls to be added .

On the code algorithm ideas ( In addition, after the button is written directly, when the number reaches the target value, it will automatically become disEnable state ):

The above errors are corrected : The number of lines of code for the nine palace algorithm should be 75~92 That's ok .

Then back HYUIView Class , Make the final optimization .

  Come here , Pure code, the best project code is completed , In fact, if you use xib Word of the file , It will make the whole project development easier and more perfect , The next blog post will be broken down on the basis of this project xib And if you optimize this project , Finally, it makes you feel like development IOS Really good .
Pure code source file download link : password : ymhc
Pure code resource file download link : password : 1squ

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