Model layer :

What are the data persistence storage solutions ?

What is the directory structure of sandbox ? What occasions are they used for ?

SQL Statement problem :inner join、left join、right join What's the difference ?

SQLite The optimization of the

What are the ways of network communication (100% I've been told AFNetworking...)

How to deal with the concurrency of multiple network requests

How to improve performance in network requests

How to ensure security in network requests

Language and basic knowledge :

What's the difference between stacks and heaps in memory ? Which data is on the stack , Which are on the pile ?

#define and const Variables defined , What's the difference?

When will there be a circular reference to memory

block Medium weak self, It needs to be added at any time ?

GCD Of queue,main queue Code executed in , It must be main thread Well ?

NSOperationQueue What are the ways of using

NSThread Medium Runloop The role of , How to use ?

.h Variables in the file , Is it accessible from outside ?( Note that variables , No property)

Tell me runtime The concept of ,message send If you can't find the corresponding object , How to deal with it later ?TCP and UDP What's the difference ?

MD5 and Base64 What's the difference , What are the scenes ?

The concept of binary search tree , What's the complexity of time ?

framework :

Which classes are not suitable for singleton mode ? Even if they only appear once in the cycle .

Notification What is the usage scenario of ? Synchronous or asynchronous ?

A brief introduction KVC and KVO, What scenarios can they be applied to ?

APP relevant :

How to add a custom font to a project

How to make a static library / Dynamic library , What's the difference between them ?

Configuration in ,debug and release What's the difference ?

Briefly introduce the mechanism of sending system messages (APNS)

UI relevant :

How does the system find the one that needs to respond to user actions Responder

Multi screen size adaptation

UIButton What is the parent of ?UILabel Well ?

push view controller and present view controller The difference between

Describe below tableview cell Reuse mechanism of

UIView Of frame and bounds What's the difference

Scene question :

send out 10 Network requests , Then, after receiving all the responses, perform the follow-up operation , How to achieve ?

Implement a third-party control , Can appear at any time in APP The top layer of the interface

To achieve the simplest click and drag function . Out of the drag above , If you let go of your hand , We need to slide forward according to the speed ?

How to reduce the size of an application ?

How to improve the performance of a user program ?

Different versions APP, The database structure has changed , How to deal with it ?

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