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Just write the code , It's all about variables and functions , Therefore, variable and function naming is very important to enhance code readability .JavaScript The core of language ECMAScript, That is to follow the hump case (Camel case) Nomenclature .Camel case It is used here by the author to refer to “ Small hump case ”( That's lowercase ) Nomenclature ,Pascal case It refers to “ Big hump case ”( The first letter is capitalized ) Nomenclature .

The little hump case nomenclature starts with lowercase letters , Capitalize each subsequent word , such as :var thisIsMyName;

Variables and functions

Variable names should always follow the camel case nomenclature , And the prefix should be a noun .

The function name prefix should be a verb , So you can separate variables from functions .

// Good writing 
var count = 10;
var myName = "Nicholas";
var found = true; // Bad writing : Variables look like functions
var getCount = 10;
var isFound = true; // Good writing
function getName(){
return myName;
} // Bad writing : Functions look like variables
function theName(){
return myName;

Generally speaking , The naming length should be as short as possible , And get to the point . Try to reflect the value data type in the variable name . such as , name count,length and size Indicates that the data type is a number , And name name,title and message Indicates that the data type is a string . But variables named after a single character are like i、j and k Usually used in a loop . Using these can reflect the naming of data types , Make your code easy to read by others and yourself .

Avoid meaningless naming . Such as foo,bar and tmp Such naming should also be avoided , Of course, there are many names in the developer toolbox that you can use as you like , But don't let these names carry other additional meanings . For other developers , If you haven't seen the context , It's impossible to understand the use of these variables .

For function and method naming , The first word should be a verb . Here are some common conventions for using verbs .

dynamic   word contain   The righteous
can Function returns a Boolean value
has Function returns a Boolean value
is Function returns a Boolean value
get Function returns a non Boolean value
set Function to hold a value

Although these function naming rules are not included in the current popular programming style , But in many popular Libraries ,JavaScript Developers will find many of these “ False standards ”.

jQuery Obviously, this function naming convention is not followed , Part of the reason is jQuery How to use methods in , Many methods are used at the same time getter and setter. such as ,$("body").attr("class") You can get it. class The value of the property . For all that , We still recommend using verbs as prefixes to function names .


stay ECMAScript 6 Before ,JavaScript There's no real concept of constants in . However , This does not prevent developers from using variables as constants . To distinguish between ordinary variables and constants , A general naming convention came into being . This Agreement comes from C Language , It's named with capital letters and underscores , Underscores are used to separate words , such as :

var MAX_COUNT = 10;

var URL = "";

It should be noted that , Here are just variables with different naming conventions applied .


stay JavaScript in , Constructors are just preceded by new Function of operator , Used to create objects .

The name of the constructor follows the big hump nomenclature . This distinguishes constructors from variables and ordinary functions . The name of a constructor is often a noun , Because they are used to create instances of a certain type .


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