Extrude line width (Extrusion width), How to set ?

Slic3r The author of , Take this side of % Set , Follow " Floor height " Make a link . I personally think that , The nozzle aperture should be used as the setting reference . The floor height should only be set below half of the aperture , You can print it well ~

Squeeze out the head aperture 0.4mm When , This is how I set the extrusion width .

The volume of the extruded plastic = 0.2( Floor height ) x 0.6( Line width ) x 2.4( The line is long ) mm3

How much material does printing need to extrude ? The algorithm is extruding line width times layer height , Multiply that by the length of the line .
The floor height is another set value , It's not going to change here .
What's going to change here is the line width .
After extrusion , Squeezed by the bottom , It's going to start spilling on both sides . The more spills , The wider the line width is . The machine will extrude faster , To increase the line width .
The smaller the line width is , The less you squeeze out . If the line width is reduced to a certain extent , There is a chance that the extrusion height will be less than the floor height , This will result in the extrusion of , There will be no contact to the bottom of the foundation , Make small holes .
I would suggest that , Not smaller than the aperture .
And then the outer ring "Perimeters", Set it larger than the aperture 130% about .
( Be careful , If you just hit 130%, Refer to Floor height x130%, It's not aperture x130%.)
And First layer, It is suggested that the aperture can be set 150%. Increase the extrusion amount , It allows more extrusion of the plastic and the column , It is helpful for the adhesion between the print and the printing pad .
The highest floor height should not exceed the aperture , Otherwise, the bonding will lack the force of extrusion, resulting in poor bonding effect .
in addition , If you are in the Slic3r Set the layer height higher than the aperture , It's supposed to cause slicing to fail .
Here's a couple of links , Try to explain the process of extruding plastic . In this case , The diameter of the extrusion hole is 0.4mm, The height of the first floor is 0.2mm.

Start squeezing

Drum up slowly

When the extrusion height of the plastic just touches the printing table , It's a semicircle .

Continue to squeeze , The bottom is in contact with the column . If the printing line width is set smaller than the extrusion hole diameter , It's going to happen like this, with a very small area of contact with the lower layer , There may be a problem of weak adhesion .

When the diameter of the bottom contact circle is as large as the diameter of the orifice ( Squeeze to the bottom circle diameter 0.4mm). So the bottom contact area is ideal , The problem of insufficient adhesion will not occur .

And then continue to squeeze , The plastic starts to spread around .( Squeeze to the bottom circle diameter 0.6mm) In the process , There is continuous extrusion pressure in the direction of the plastic image column , It can enhance the bonding effect with the column printing table . If the aperture is 0.4mm, It is suggested that the line width of the first layer be set to 0.6mm.

Plastic will also have the power to push up , You need to squeeze out your head and lips to stop spillage , There won't be plastic running higher than the extrusion head . So there's no lip extrusion , It is recommended that the extrusion width should not exceed the diameter of the extrusion hole .

The poster : Chen Liangyu On Afternoon 5:44

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Tony Kwok2014 year 4 month 1 Japan In the morning 12:12

According to the suggestion , Outer ring "Perimeters", Set it larger than the aperture 130% about ,slic 3r Perimeters Whether it should be 0.52, No 0.42?
This note has benefited me a lot , I hope the moderator can explain it in detail slic 3r Other settings .



Chen Liangyu 2014 year 4 month 1 Japan Afternoon 12:08

Europe , I made a mistake , Larger than the aperture 130% about , It should be 0.52.


Rabbit Pu2014 year 4 month 15 Japan Afternoon 10:25

I saw a lot of good things here , Let's make a contribution , In the BBS http://forums.reprap.org/read.php?154,75635 I saw the problem of aspect ratio on the Internet , They seem to be talking about E In fact, the ratio of height to width is used to adjust the line filling when the rate and flow rate of line filling are constant , Of course, I like your ratio of width to caliber , This will produce higher quality objects , We can adjust E Let the line have the right filling ,BTW: My English is not good , I don't know if it's right



Chen Liangyu 2014 year 4 month 16 Japan In the morning 10:15

Same question , There can be different calculations .
At the same velocity , Use aspect ratio to adjust line thickness , It's also possible . But in practice , Generally, the height and line width of the layer will be set first , And then according to the width and height 、 Print the path to adjust the flow rate . The velocity is passively affected by the aspect ratio , Not to affect the aspect ratio .
Thank you for your response ~


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