yii2 Alipay payment tutorial  [ 2.0 edition ]

The personal understanding of Alipay payment process is basically three steps.
1. Front page will pay information data through the immediate payment button ajax Submit to order processing layer
2. Citing Alipay's interface in order processing layer Write payment data to Alipay will throw out one. from Forms action Payment page to Alipay
3. After the user completes the payment, he will call the synchronous callback and asynchronous callback to process the business logic

First step Front end interface

/* Payment button click */
$('body').on('click', '.payBtn', function () {
var money = $('.moneylist .current').attr('data-money');
var author_id = $(this).attr('data-author-id');
var itemid = $(this).attr('data-itemid');
var pay_type = $('.payType .current').attr('data-pay-type');
//pay_type It distinguishes WeChat from Alipay. Ignore it first pay_type ==1 Of
if (pay_type == 1) {
//pay_type It distinguishes WeChat from Alipay. Ignore it first pay_type ==1 Of
} else {
type: "POST",
url: "/alipay/pay",// This is the second step to bring data into the Alipay class library for processing.
data: params,// data
async: false,
success: function success(data) {

The second step Bring the payment data into the Alipay class library.

First put a picture of the database field

* Created by PhpStorm.
* User: jayrui612
* Date: 2017/5/11
* Time: 14:27
*/ namespace frontend\controllers; use frontend\components\payment\alipay\lib\AlipaySubmit;
use frontend\components\payment\alipay\lib\AlipayNotify;
use common\models\SanDbSponsor;
use yii\web\Controller;
use Yii; class AlipayController extends Controller
{ public $enableCsrfValidation = false; public function actionPay()
// Merchant order number , The unique order number in the order system of the merchant website , Required
$out_trade_no = $_POST['WIDout_trade_no']; // Name of the order , Required
$subject = $_POST['WIDsubject']; // The payment amount , Required
$total_fee = $_POST['WIDtotal_amount']; // Commodity Description , Can be empty
$body = $_POST['WIDbody']; // Create payment order
$db = Yii::$app->db;
try {
$sponsorData = $_POST['sponsor_params'];
$sponsorData['pay_type'] = 2; // Method of payment .(1: WeChat ,2: Alipay )
$sponsorData['pay_status'] = 0; // Payment status .(0: Did not pay ,1: Successful payment ,2: Failure to pay )
$sponsorData['price'] = $total_fee;
$sponsorData['out_trade_no'] = $out_trade_no;
$sponsorData['create_time'] = time(); $db->createCommand()->insert('supe_sponsor', $sponsorData)->execute(); } catch(\Exception $e) {
//throw $e;
return $this->redirect(Yii::$app->urlManager->createUrl(["news/detail", 'itemid' => $_POST['sponsor_params']['itemid']]))->send();
} $parameter = array(
"service" => Yii::$app->params['pc_alipay']['service'],
"partner" => Yii::$app->params['pc_alipay']['partner'],
"seller_id" => Yii::$app->params['pc_alipay']['seller_id'],
"payment_type" => Yii::$app->params['pc_alipay']['payment_type'],
"notify_url" => Yii::$app->params['pc_alipay']['notify_url'],
"return_url" => Yii::$app->params['pc_alipay']['return_url'], "anti_phishing_key"=>Yii::$app->params['pc_alipay']['anti_phishing_key'],
"out_trade_no" => $out_trade_no,
"subject" => $subject,
"total_fee" => $total_fee,
"body" => $body,
"_input_charset" => trim(strtolower(Yii::$app->params['pc_alipay']['input_charset']))
); // Build request
$alipaySubmit = new AlipaySubmit(Yii::$app->params['pc_alipay']);
$html_text = $alipaySubmit->buildRequestForm($parameter,"get", " confirm "); echo $html_text; }

The third step User payment Synchronous and asynchronous callbacks

Here's a description Payment page It will be called automatically after payment Synchronous callback actionReturn_sync_ali And asynchronous callbacks actionReturn_async_ali
Synchronous callback is to do page Jump and so on Asynchronous callbacks are the main ones Make logical operation of order status

The following method is the same stay class AlipayController extends Controller below

* Alipay synchronous callback notification
public function actionReturn_sync_ali()
$alipayNotify = new AlipayNotify(Yii::$app->params['pc_alipay']);
$verify_result = $alipayNotify->verifyReturn();
if($verify_result) {// Verify success
// Merchant order number
$out_trade_no = htmlspecialchars($_GET['out_trade_no']); // But the id
$seller_id = htmlspecialchars($_GET['seller_id']); // Alipay transaction number
$trade_no = $_GET['trade_no']; // Transaction status
$trade_status = $_GET['trade_status']; if($trade_status == 'TRADE_FINISHED' || $trade_status == 'TRADE_SUCCESS') {
return $this->redirect(Yii::$app->urlManager->createUrl(["news/detail"]))->send(); } else {
echo '<script>window.close();</script>';
else {
echo " Validation failed ";
} /**
* Alipay asynchronous callback address
public function actionReturn_async_ali()
{ $alipayNotify = new AlipayNotify(Yii::$app->params['pc_alipay']); $verify_result = $alipayNotify->verifyNotify(); if($verify_result) {// Verify success // Our order number
$out_trade_no = $_POST['out_trade_no']; // Alipay transaction number
$trade_no = $_POST['trade_no']; // Transaction status
$trade_status = $_POST['trade_status']; // Order amount
$total_amount = $_POST['total_fee']; // Paid in amount
$receipt_amount = $_POST['price']; // Send time of callback notification
$notify_time = $_POST['notify_time']; if ($_POST['trade_status'] == 'TRADE_SUCCESS') {
// Judge whether the order has been processed in the merchant website
// If you haven't dealt with it , According to order No (out_trade_no) Find the details of the order in the order system of the merchant website , And implement the business procedures of the merchant
// Please be sure to judge the total_amount And total_fee For the same
// If you've dealt with it , Do not execute merchant's business procedures
// Be careful :
// Upon completion of payment , Alipay sends the transaction status notification. if ($_POST['seller_id'] == Yii::$app->params['pc_alipay']['seller_id']
&& $receipt_amount != 0 && ($total_amount == $receipt_amount))
$hasRecord = SanDbSponsor::find()
->where(['out_trade_no' => $out_trade_no])
->one(); // update
if ($hasRecord && $hasRecord->pay_status != 1)
$hasRecord->pay_status = 1; // Payment status .(1: Successful payment )
$hasRecord->create_time = strtotime($notify_time);
} }
//—— Please write the program according to your business logic ( The above code is for reference only )—— echo "success"; // Please do not modify or delete } else { // Validation failed
echo "fail"; // Please do not modify or delete }

That's about it There are also configuration files and Alipay class library files not posted.

return [ // PC End Appreciate Alipay configuration
'pc_alipay' => [
// Signing Account No
'partner' => '111111',
// Alipay account receivable , In general, the collection account number is the signing account number
'seller_id' => '111111', // Merchant's private key ,
'private_key' => 'xxxxxxxx',
// Alipay's public key
'alipay_public_key' => 'yyyyyyyyyyyyyy',
// Asynchronous notification page path
'notify_url' => 'http://www.jay.com/alipay/return_async_ali.php', // Page Jump synchronization notification page path
'return_url' => "http://www.jay.com/alipay/return_sync_ali.php", // Signature method
'sign_type' => strtoupper('RSA'), // Character encoding format At present, we support gbk or utf-8
'input_charset' => strtolower('utf-8'), // ca Certificate path address , be used for curl in ssl check
// Please guarantee cacert.pem The file is in the current folder directory
'cacert' => getcwd().'\\cacert.pem', // Access pattern
'transport' => 'http', // Payment type , There is no need to modify
'payment_type' => '1', // The product type , There is no need to modify
'service' => "create_direct_pay_by_user", // The following anti phishing information , If the anti fishing function is not activated , If it is empty, you can
'anti_phishing_key' => '',
'exter_invoke_ip' => ''
], ];

Screenshot of class library file

The article is transferred from others , The article is very clear , For my study only

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