wx.request Is sponsored by the HTTPS request , Here is its basic usage , There is no more verbosity here


2. encapsulation GET

stay utils Create httpclient.js

var app = getApp();
function get(param) {
var mydata = {}; var header = param.header;
header = {
'content-type': 'application/json'
} mydata = param.data || {};
mydata['sessionId'] = app.globalData.sessionId; wx.request({
url: app.globalData.serverAddress + param.url,
data: mydata,
header : header,
method: "GET",
success: param.success,
fail: param.fail,
complete: function () {
// complete
module.exports = {
get: get

Call method example

var httpClient = require('../../utils/httpclient');
url: 'Account/Get',
data: this.data.userInfo,
success: function (res) {
//this is success
fail: function () {
that.showTopTips(' Encounters an error !');

3. encapsulation POST

post Also similar

I'll continue to add when I have time

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