One sentence question :G Of sigma d|n  C(n d) The next power   mod 999911659

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analysis :

1. Using Euler's theorem to simplify modular operations , Set the upper power to x, be x= simple form mod 999911658.

2. It is found that the first half of the power is too large to be calculated directly , Again because 999911658 Decomposable into 2 3 4679 35617 Four prime numbers

3. Using Chinese remainder theorem, we can calculate respectively x=a1(mod m1=2) ... Finally, use it to calculate x

4. Fast exponentiation calculates the answer

#define int long long
#define rep(i,x,y) for(register int i=x;i<=y;i++)
#define dec(i,x,y) for(register int i=x;i>=y;i--)
using namespace std; const int mod=; int n,g,m[]={,,,,},a[];
int fac[][]; inline int qpow(int a,int n,int p){
int s=;while(n){if(n&) s=s*a%p;a=a*a%p;n>>=;}return s;} inline void init(){
fac[i][j]=fac[i-][j]*i%m[j];} inline int C(int a,int b,int c){
if(a<b) return ;
return fac[a][c]*qpow(fac[b][c],m[c]-,m[c])%m[c]*qpow(fac[a-b][c],m[c]-,m[c])%m[c]; } inline int Lucas(int a,int b,int c){
if(!b) return ;
return C(a%m[c],b%m[c],c)*Lucas(a/m[c],b/m[c],c)%m[c];} inline void work(int i){
rep(j,,) a[j]=(a[j]+Lucas(n,i,j))%m[j];} inline int CRT(){ int x=,M=mod-;
rep(i,,){ int Mi=M/m[i];
x=(x+a[i]*Mi*qpow(Mi,m[i]-,m[i])%M)%M;}return x;} #undef int
int main(){
#define int long long
scanf("%lld%lld",&n,&g); init();
if(g%mod==) {printf("");return ;} rep(i,,sqrt(n))
if(n%i==){ work(i);
if(i*i!=n) work(n/i);} printf("%lld\n",qpow(g,CRT(),mod));return ;

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