Remember to run in administrator mode CMD, Otherwise, the service will fail to start .

 Detailed illustration , Record win7 64  install mongo Database process . The installed version is MongoDB-win32-x86_64-2008plus-ssl-3.4.1-signed.

- Download and install , There are a lot of pictures , I'm not afraid to talk , I'm afraid it's not enough .

The picture shows what it looked like just after the installation , Wrong type .

  • Create several folders as follows : Database path (data Catalog )、 Log path (logs Catalog ) And log files (mongo.log file )

Pay attention to the contrast between the front and back of the folder :

  • create profile mongo.conf, The contents of the document are as follows :

# Database path
# Log output file path
# The error log is in append mode
# Enable log files , Enabled by default
# This option can filter out some useless log information , If you need to debug, please set to false
# Port number The default is 27017

  • start-up MongoDB service

mongod --config "D:Mongomongo.conf" 
This is to start the service by using the configuration file you just configured above . Pay attention to change it to your own directory location . forehead , This, of course, is cmd The corresponding installation of the command line window bin The directory drop-down is in cmd This command is executed from the command line , After execution , Command line , There doesn't seem to be much change , Then you go on with the following steps . A screenshot of this step , In the fourth step below, you can see the command execution effect of this step . Take a look at the following step diagram first .

After the execution of the command , Browser input If you see the following interface, it means that the startup is successful

Some may fail here , Maybe the page doesn't show that way , But don't worry , Look at the one just now data There is no file generation in the directory , also log What's in the file . If there is , So the service is up , It can also be in the task manager , See if there's such a mongo There is a service for . You can judge whether the service is started OK No, .

  • Create and launch MongoDB service
    If you do this every time , Isn't it rather troublesome , Follow the command below to create and start MongoDB service , You can go through windows Service to manage MongoDB The startup and shutdown of

mongod --config "D:Mongomongo.conf" --install --serviceName "MongoDB"
net start MongoDB
It's on it 2 The command

The start of this service , It's a little special . It doesn't need login verification , You can log in without a password . See the figure below for details. . This is for mongoVUE Login to see the effect

wait a minute , The description on the graph is not very correct , I should have created a database called lxkdb, The other one above 2 One is called admin, and local It's all installed mongo db after , Automatically generated database .

It can also be seen that there is no such thing as test The database of , So , By default, there is a system called test The database is wrong . This problem will be explained below .
This sentence was updated later : It says this test non-existent , Not exactly , Let's see the explanation at the bottom . I don't care about that

among admin This database stores user information .
About this user information , It's not as simple as we think, just save a user name and password .
MongoDB By default, there is no permission set , in other words , No access rights set .
It means that as long as you know MongoDB The port of the server , Anyone who can access this server can query and operate MongoDB The content of the database .
That's what I tested above , Input nothing , You can test the connection directly OK.
therefore : add --auth In this way, the user name and password can be used later MongoDB Related operations of
MongoDB Users and permissions , It's a little complicated , Let's have an impression first .

There are two types of database users , One is the administrator , To manage users , One is ordinary users , To access data .
( Later, I will continue to talk about how the database users with these two permissions are using )

Be careful :

The following installation service with permission control , And you? , Don't fix it for now , If you open this authority , You have to create an account and password in the database first .
It's like you have to have the key ready before you lock the lock . therefore , If you don't understand the authority , For the time being, it's not like we don't add this permission control .
Wait to see how to create a new management user and a general database user before opening this permission . I'll summarize it later .

About -- Security and authentication -- The explanation of :

Every MongoDB The database in the instance can have many users . If security checks are turned on , Only database authenticated users can perform read or write operations .
In the context of Authentication ,MongoDB Will take ordinary data as admin Database processing .admin Users in the database are considered superusers ( The Administrator ).
After certification , Administrators can read and write all databases , Execute specific administrative commands , Such as listDatabases and shutdown.
Before opening the security check , Be sure to have at least one administrator account .

It's followed by a link : Detailed graphic records win7 64 mongodb Examples of new manager accounts and general accounts

then , The service has been uninstalled ( Here's how to uninstall the service , I won't repeat it ), And then sign up for another service , Command to add more --auth.

mongod --config "D:Mongomongo.conf" --auth --install --serviceName "MongoDB"
net start MongoDB
You can also add another one in the configuration file auth=true Configuration of . The effect is almost the same .
Then you can't log in directly without a password .

Attention! : This mongoVUE The version of is too low , Cause even if your account password OK, Or there will be something unusual , After I've been through a lot of uninstalling and reloading services , A new one mongo Database tools , What's special is OK 了 .
Let's ignore the error report of this tool for the time being . Next I'll show you how to use this database , I know about this authority issue here , Just fine .
And the problem of authority , It is trouble .

Just installed mongo The service has a default database ,test,user Of name and pwd All are test. Here's the picture .

spot test, Test it , Is the connection OK Of . And then there's the picture above
Originally, I read other people's articles and said ,mongo Just after installation , There is a test database , Then the username and password are test, And then I use that mongoVUE This visualization tool tested .
Found that the test connection is OK Of , That is, as shown in the picture . And then I just I think this database really exists , But then I thought about it , Wrong! , It's not like that .
Later, when I repeatedly test that permission problem , Find out , This mongoVUE, Even if you don't fill in your user name and password , Fill in any database name , Then test the connection , It can also be tested OK Of .

But I use another new discovery mongo Database tools , There is no such problem .

And also use this mongo Database tools , You can see that --auth There is still the effect of , I haven't tested this yet , Start service without permission control , Then log in to the database and see what happens .
I'm free , perhaps , I'll give you a test . Just didn't add --auth When starting the service , No account password , You can use this tool to connect to the database .

The URL of this tool , It's an open source project .
Robomongo 0.9.0
I download to a certain degree of cloud disk sharing
link :  password :iaie

After comparing the two tools , You can find this mongoVUE The version of is really too low . Next To have this mongoVUE Version diagram of .

If you need to uninstall MongoDB service , It's still bin Under the table of contents ,
mongod.exe --remove --serviceName "MongoDB"

Then the service was deleted , Then you can't see this service in the task manager . That means he was killed . Deleted .

If you want to stop this service in the future , You just right-click , Start task manager , Choose the service above , And then in the lower right corner “ service (s)...”, And then find the one named MongoDB System services , Just turn it off

thus , All operations completed , The service has been successfully installed .
I'll take this for a while mongo My database is installed on my computer , How to use . later .

This is the time , Let's take a look at our new data The folder and mongo.log I found data in two files , It can also show that , The operation along the way is very OK Of .

forehead , ha-ha , It's just that I've uploaded a little too much ...

Last , Use it on the command line every time mongo command , You have to go into the corresponding bin Under the table of contents , It's a lot of trouble , Why not configure a system environment variable , Easy to use , This mongo command

In this way, you can directly in cmd Command line , No directory switching is required , You can use it directly

About... In the database test An explanation of whether a database exists or not :

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