solve the problem : Encapsulating behavior , For multiple components ( Sharing a piece of code among multiple components )

In the component props Property contains a "render" attribute ( This property is a method with a return value of element ), And then in the render In the method

Call the method , You can make the rendered content dynamic .

class Cat extends React.Component {
render() {
const mouse = this.props.mouse;
return (
<img src="./logo" style={{ position: 'absolute', left: mouse.x, top: mouse.y }} />
} class Mouse extends React.Component {
constructor(props) {
this.handleMouseMove = this.handleMouseMove.bind(this);
this.state = { x: 0, y: 0 };
} handleMouseMove(event) {
x: event.clientX,
y: event.clientY
} render() {
return (
<div style={{ height: '100%' }} onMouseMove={this.handleMouseMove}>
// The following method is props.render Method ,mouse===this.state
// render={mouse => (
// <Cat mouse={mouse} />
// )}
} class MouseTracker extends React.Component {
render() {
return (
<h1>Move the mouse around!</h1>
<Mouse paint={mouse => (
<Cat mouse={mouse} />

matters needing attention :

One 、 If this method is used , So in the component props Do not use "render" To define , Usually , I will use paint

Two 、 When the dynamic rendering component is integrated PureComponent When , You need to define this property as an instance method

reason : Because use React.PureComponent When ,React Shallow comparison will be used by default , The following code

if (this._compositeType === CompositeTypes.PureClass) {
shouldUpdate = !shallowEqual(prevProps, nextProps)
|| !shallowEqual(inst.state, nextState);

shallowEqual Will compare  Object.keys(state | props)  Is the length of the same , every last  key  Whether there are both , And is it a reference , That is, only the values of the first layer are compared , It's really shallow , So deep nested data can't be compared , Because of this , If in render Define a "render" Method properties , Because it's a method , So every call reder Will redefine the property , It's impossible to compare , It comes back every time false, Will cause unnecessary refresh .

The solution is as follows :

class MouseTracker extends React.Component {
constructor(props) {
super(props); // This binding ensures that `this.renderTheCat` always refers
// to the *same* function when we use it in render.
this.renderTheCat = this.renderTheCat.bind(this);
} renderTheCat(mouse) {
return <Cat mouse={mouse} />;
} render() {
return (
<h1>Move the mouse around!</h1>
<Mouse render={this.renderTheCat} />

Because after the component is instantiated , The internal method also becomes the instance method , Every time you call render after ”render“ The method called by the property is the instance method , The same location is referenced every time , So it doesn't make

React.PureComponent The advantage of the game disappears .

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