For beginners of computer software Git I don't know much about it ,  I haven't touched before , But the teacher said to understand it , There's no concept , Only through the Internet to understand .
What I learned is as follows :                      
       Git Is an open source distributed version control system , For effective use 、 High speed processing from very small to very large ,BitKeeper, The latter has always been the case  Linux  The main source code tool used by kernel developers around the world . Some in the open source community feel that  BitKeeper  Is not suitable for the work of the open source community , therefore  Torvalds  Decided to start working on a more flexible version control system with licenses . Although the initial  Git  Is developed to assist  Linux  The process of kernel development , But we've seen it used in many other free software projects  Git. For example, recently moved to  Git  Come up. , quite a lot  Freedesktop  The project has also moved to  Git  On .      

From the perspective of general developers ,git It has the following functions :

1、 Clone the complete... From the server Git Warehouse ( Include code and version information ) On a single machine .

2、 On your own machine according to different development purposes , Create a branch , Modify the code .

3、 Commit code on a branch created by yourself on a stand-alone computer .

4、 Merge branches on a single machine .

5、 Put the latest version of the code on the server fetch Come down , Then merge with your main branch .

6、 Generate patches (patch), Send patch to lead developer .

7、 See the feedback from the main developers , If the main developer finds a conflict between two general developers ( Conflicts that they can work together to resolve ), They will be asked to resolve the conflict first , And then it's submitted by one of them . If the main developer can solve it by himself , Or no conflict , Just through .

8、 Solutions to conflicts between developers in general , Developers can use pull  Command resolve conflict , After resolving the conflict, submit the patch to the main developer .

From the perspective of the main developer ( Suppose the main developer doesn't have to develop code ) see ,git It has the following functions :

1、 Check email or other ways to check the submission status of general developers .

2、 Patch up , Resolve conflicts ( You can solve it yourself , You can also ask developers to solve the problem and submit it again later , If it's an open source project , And decide which patches work , Which don't need to ).

3、 Submit results... To the public server , Then inform all developers .

advantage :

For distributed development , Emphasize the individual .

Public server pressure and data volume are not too large .

Fast 、 flexible .

It's easy to resolve conflicts between any two developers .

Work offline .

shortcoming :

Lack of information ( At least there are few Chinese materials ).

The learning cycle is relatively long .

It's not normal thinking .

Bad code confidentiality , Once the whole library is cloned by the developer, all code and version information can be fully disclosed .
Now? Git Already available in windows Next use .
These are the information you've learned by searching , I believe that through the teacher's introduction, we can have a deeper understanding of .

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