This section mainly studies system call stat、lstat、fstat.

The format is as follows :

int fstat(int filedes, struct stat *buf);
int stat(const char *path, struct stat *buf);
int lstat(const char *path, struct stat *buf);

Smart people can see it at a glance fstat The first parameter of is different from the other two ,
Yes !fstat The difference between the other two system calls is ,fstat The system call accepts One “ File descriptor ”,
And the other two accept it directly “ File full path ”. File descriptors need to be used open It can only be obtained after system call ,
And the whole document can be written directly .
stat and lstat The difference between : When the file is a symbolic link ,lstat What is returned is the information of the symbolic link itself ;
and stat What is returned is the information of the file that the link points to .( It seems a little dizzy , Remember like this ,lstat Than stat One more. l,
So it has the ability to handle symbolic link files , So when you come across a symbolic link file ,lstat Of course not .
and stat System calls don't have this ability , It can only turn a blind eye to symbolic link files , Directly deal with the file that the link refers to )

Let's not worry about the usage of these , In my work, I often use lstat Judge whether the directory exists or not , Write down the usage here :

int CreateDir(const char *pPathName)
char szPath[256] = {0}, *pPath, *p;
int nLen;
assert(NULL != pPathName);
strncpy(szPath, pPathName, sizeof(szPath) - 2);
nLen = strlen(szPath);
// Make sure that the catalog is '/' ending
if('/' != szPath[nLen - 1])
szPath[nLen] = '/';
pPath = szPath + 1;
while((p = strchr(pPath, '/')) != NULL)
*p = '\0';
if(access(szPath, W_OK) != 0)
if(mkdir(szPath, 0755) == -1)
return -1;
*p = '/';
pPath = p + 1;
return 0;
 // Check whether the directory exists or not 
struct stat sfile;
if(lstat("/apps/hotel/paibo", &sfile) == -1 && m_oComm->CreateDir("/apps/hotel/paibo") != 0)
POST_INFO(" Error creating Directory [%s]", "/apps/hotel/paibo");

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