This article mainly introduces MongoDB Detailed explanation of various query operations , Including comparison query 、 Relational query 、 Array query, etc , Friends in need can refer to

One 、find operation

MongoDB Use in find To query , By designation find The first parameter of can realize all and part of the query .

1、 Query all

Empty query document {} Will match the entire contents of the collection . If you do not specify a query document , The default is {}.

2、 Partial query

3、 Key screening

Key filtering is to return only the key values that you are interested in when querying , By designation find To achieve . This can save the amount of data transferred , It can also save the time and memory consumption of client decoding documents .

When inquiring , The value of the query document concerned by the database must be constant .

Two 、 Query criteria

1、 Comparison query

$lt,$lte,$gt,$gte,$ne and <,<=,>,>=,!= It's one-to-one , They can be combined to find a range of values .

2、 Relational query

$in Used to query multiple values of a key ,$nin Will return documents that do not match any of the criteria in the filter array . take $in And $not Combination can achieve $nin Same effect .

$or Used to do... On multiple keys or Inquire about .

3、 ... and 、 Specific types of queries

1、null Inquire about

null Not only can it match itself , It can also match documents where the key does not exist .

2、 Regular expressions

3、 Array query

$all: Matching arrays with multiple elements .

$size: Query an array of specified length .

$slice: Returns a subset of an array .

4、 Embedded document query

Four 、$where Inquire about

$where Query is MongoDB The advanced query section of , Can execute any JavaScript As part of the query , It is a supplement to other query methods .

$where The query needs to take each document from BSON Convert to JavaScript object , And then through $where To run , The process cannot take advantage of indexes , So query speed It's much slower than regular query . If it has to be used , You can use regular queries as prefilters , If you can use index, you can use index according to non $where Clause to filter , Finally using $where Tune the results . Another way is to simplify by mapping -MapReduce.

5、 ... and 、 The cursor

Cursors are very useful things ,MongoDB The database uses a cursor to return find The results of the implementation of . The client can control the final result effectively by using cursor , Like paging , Sort .

1、limit,skip and sort

limit: Limit the number of results , The limit is the upper limit .
skip: Skip the match to the front n A document , Then return to the remaining documents .skip Skipping too many documents can cause performance problems , It is suggested that .
sort: Sort documents by the specified key ,1 In ascending order ,-1 For the descending order .

2、 Advanced Query options

Packaging query : Use sort,limit or skip Further control of the final results .

Useful configuration options :

$maxscan:integer, Specify the maximum number of documents to be scanned by the query .
$min:document, The start condition of the query .
$max:document, The end condition of the query .
$hint:document, Specify which index the server uses for the query .
$explain:boolean, Get the details of query execution ( The index used , The number of results , Time consuming, etc ), Instead of actually executing the query .
$snapshot:boolean, Ensure that the result of the query is a consistent snapshot at the moment the query is executed , To avoid inconsistent reads .

Wrapping a query will wrap the query criteria into a larger query document , For example, when executing the following query :{"name":"bar"}).sort("x":1)

shell The query will be sent from {"name":"bar"} convert to {"$query":{"name":"bar"},"$orderby":{"x":1}}, Not directly {"name":"bar"} Send to database as query document .

3、 Inside the cursor
Two ways to look at cursors : The client cursor and the database cursor represented by the client cursor ( Server side ).

On the server side , Cursors consume memory and other resources , So we need to release as soon as possible under reasonable circumstances . The server side causes cursor termination as follows :

1、 The cursor is automatically cleared when it completes the iteration of the matching result .

2、 When the client is out of scope , The driver sends special messages to the server , Let it destroy the cursor .

3、 Destroy over time , have access to immortal Function close cursor timeout , In this operation, the cursor must be closed after the iteration .

6、 ... and 、 summary

Use MongoDB We need to design the document structure reasonably , To meet certain specific needs . For example, randomly selecting documents , Use skip Skip a random document without adding a random key to it , Then use a random number to query the document , Random keys can also add indexes , More efficient . Reasonable choice , Reasonable design .

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