Record my IDEA To configure

If you can't see the picture clearly, you can open it in a new tab , Because I compressed it

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1. plug-in unit

2. To configure

One 、 plug-in unit

1. Loading and driving class

(1)Power Mode II

Writing code has floating pixel effect , Add fun , Because my computer configuration is not good enough , So I only had some effects .

The configuration is as follows , Mainly the above options , The following parameters are only available by default

(2)Rainbow Brackets

Color brackets in your code

The configuration is as follows

(3)Nyan Progress Bar

Let your IDEA The progress bar becomes cute

2. Practical Class


To configure git Files ignored

(2)Alibaba Java Coding Guidelines java standard , Make your code more standard


Will you new Come out of the object's set All the ways , You don't have to fight one by one

new After an object , Move the cursor over the object name , Press Alt+Enter The lower menu appears , Choose the second Generate all setter

Here's the picture

(4)Lombok Plugin

Use annotations to simplify your pojo Various classes set get Method

The configuration is as follows


java xml Recall jump ,mapper Method auto generation xml


Mybatis Plug in for .

Conscience recommends this , It used to be free , Now charge , But only 29 A year ,4 $a month .

There's an official group , Inside the group leader ( author ) Will be enthusiastic to solve problems for you .

I want to say , You can't be so stingy , Everything is free ,29 It's a year of conscience .

ps: There are often people in the group who use the cracked version bug 了 , And then we go to the group leader to solve it , drowned in laughter. , This behavior is so awesome .

Tutorial links


In the long run ,vim It's inevitable that we should use it , I only learned some basic operations before, but I didn't ,

Hope to use this plug-in to learn and use at the same time , hold vim At least be able to learn to meet the daily level .


Popular point theory , We develop Web When the project is , Especially in use SpringMVC Under the circumstances ,

We want to go to a url The corresponding method is usually direct search or click controller Find another way .

With this plug-in , It's much more convenient . The official explanation is shown below


This translation plug-in is relatively simple , niche , Online search IDEA Translation plug-ins are all Transactions, I smiled. .

This plug-in doesn't need to be configured , Just install and use , The only thing to change is the shortcut key .

There are two general uses

The first one is : Select word , Press the shortcut key to translate , Right click translation is also available , There's a menu

The second kind : Use the translation panel , In the sidebar there are logo, You can click to pop up the panel

But it's kind of bug, It's in the translation panel , If the translation is too long , It doesn't wrap .

I wanted to contact the author , But look at the latest plug-in 2016 Year of , It should not be easy to deal with , Forget it .

Anyway, if the content is too long, use the browser to translate it , A simple translation plug-in is enough

Two 、 To configure

This configuration means that the configuration of each project is configured like this , This configuration only needs to be configured once , All new projects will use the same configuration in the future .

File->Other Settings->Settings for New Projects

(1) code

(2) Intelligent packet removal

(3) add to MyBatis Of xml File template

The template is as follows :

 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<!DOCTYPE configuration
PUBLIC "-// Config 3.0//EN"
<!-- overall situation setting To configure , Add as needed -->
<!-- Configure aliases --> </configuration>

(4) Add comment template for class name

And then in Includes Add writing here File

(5) Modify the // Precede statement with spaces , Not the beginning of the line

(6) Startup annotation , Because if you don't choose that , Later use lombok There will be errors in the development and it cannot be used

File->Other Settings->Structure for New Projects



(1) Ignore case

(2)Ctrl+ Scroll wheel to adjust font size in code area

(3) Turn on code suspension switch

(4) According to the line Numbers

(5) Cancel single line display tabs

(6) Turn on automatic compilation

(7) Open the expansion of single line method

This means that if the method body has only one line of code , Expand by default , Because it doesn't take up much space

(8) Turn on version change

We all know IDEA It comes with version management , So if we don't use git,svn Version management like that ,IDEA Will automatically use the default

After opening this , When you modify a file , The catalog file will change .

(9) Turn off code drag

This function is not very suitable for me , I am a vim The party

(10) Show memory status

After turning on the memory status , The memory information will be displayed in the lower right corner , Click to recycle part of the memory

(11) Default collapse comment

After putting away the comments , It's much more comfortable in the future

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