META label , yes HTML Language HEAD An auxiliary label for the zone . In almost all page in , We can all see something like this htm

l Code :


<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=gb2312">


This is it. META Typical applications of tags , identification page The type of encoding used . according to HTML Language standard notes :META Tags are sent to websites

It's a very important label , It can be used to identify the author , Set page format , Annotate the content feed and keywords , And refresh the page and so on .

Detailed introduction

META The label is divided into two parts :HTTP-EQUIV and NAME Variable .

Parameters HTTP-EQUIV

HTTP-EQUIV Be similar to HTTP Header protocol for , It responds to some useful information to the browser , To help display the content of the web page correctly . Commonly used

Of HTTP-EQUIV Type a :

A. Expires( Time limit )

explain : It can be used to set the expiration time of a web page . Once the page expires , You have to go to the server to review .

usage :<META HTTP-EQUIV="expires" CONTENT="Wed, 26 Feb 1997 08:21:57 GMT">

Be careful : You have to use GMT Time format of .

B. Pragma(cache Pattern )

explain : Browser is prohibited from accessing the contents of the page from the local machine cache .

usage :<META HTTP-EQUIV="Pragma" CONTENT="no-cache">

Be careful : Set it like this , Visitors will not be able to browse offline .

C. Refresh( Refresh )

explain : If you need to make the web page automatically link to other web pages on a regular basis , That's it .

usage :<META HTTP-EQUIV="Refresh" CONTENT="5;URL=">

Be careful : Among them 5 It means staying 5 Seconds later, it will automatically refresh to URL website .

D. Set-Cookie(cookie Set up )

explain : If the page expires , So what's on file cookie place it on clipboard .

usage :<META HTTP-EQUIV="Set-Cookie" CONTENT="cookievalue=xxx;

expires=Wednesday, 21-Oct-98 16:14:21 GMT; path=/">

Be careful : You have to use GMT Time format of .

E. Window-target( Display window settings )

explain : Force the page to display as a separate page in the current window .

usage :<META HTTP-EQUIV="Window-target" CONTENT="_top">

Be careful : To prevent others from calling your page in the framework .

F. Content-Type( Display character set settings )

explain : Set the character set used by the page .

usage :<META http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=gb2312">

Be careful : The viewer will call the corresponding character set display according to this page Content

G. Pics-label( Web rating )

explain : stay IE Of Internet There is a content setting in the options , Can prevent browsing some restricted websites , And the restriction level of the website is

Set by this parameter .

usage :<META http-equiv=”Pics-label” contect=””>

Be careful : Don't set the level too high .

Parameters NAME

META Labeled NAME The variable syntax format is :

<META NAME="xxx" CONTENT="xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx">

among xxx There are mainly the following parameters :

1. Keywords( keyword )

explain :Keywords To tell the search engine what the keywords of your page are .

give an example :<META NAME ="keywords" CONTENT="life, universe, mankind, plants,

relationships, the meaning of life, science">

2. Description( brief introduction )

explain :Description Used to tell search engines the main content of your website .

give an example :<META NAME="Description" CONTENT=" This paper mainly introduces programming language JAVA、C etc. ">

3. Robots( Robot guide )

explain :Robots Used to tell the search robot which pages need index , Which pages don't need index .CONTENT The parameters are all、none

、index、noindex、follow、nofollow. The default is all.

give an example :<META NAME="Robots" CONTENT="none">

4. Author( author )

explain : Mark the author of the page

give an example :<META name="AUTHOR" content=" Zhang San ,”>

Use case analysis

Above is META Some basic uses of tags , One of the most important is :Keywords and Description Set up . Why? ?

It's simple , These two statements can make the search engine find you accurately , Attract more people to your site ! According to the current popular search

engine (Google,Lycos,AltaVista etc. ) How it works , Search engines send robots to the WWW On the search , When new websites are found ,

Search for Keywords and Description, And add it to your own database , And then sort the websites according to the density of keywords .

It seems , We have to remember to add Keywords and Description Of META label , And try to write a good keyword and introduction . otherwise , after

The result would be :

2 If you don't have it on your page at all Keywords and Description Of META label , So the robot is unable to add your site to the database

, Netizens will not be able to search your site .

2 If your keyword selection is not good , The density of keywords is not high , Being ranked behind dozens or even millions of sites, the possibility of being clicked

It's also very small .

Write well Keywords( keyword ) Pay attention to the following points :

l Don't use common words . for example www、homepage、net、web etc. .

l Don't use adjectives , adverb . For example, the best , The biggest, etc .

l Don't use general words , Try to be as precise as possible . for example “ Ericsson mobile ”, change to the use of sth. “T28SC” Will be better .

“ A trip of three , thus ”, The trick to finding the right keywords is : To Google、Lycos、Alta And other famous search engines , Search with you

Websites with similar content , Check out the top ten websites META keyword , Use them on your website , The effect is conceivable .


In order to improve the click through rate of search , Here are some more “ shortcut ” Can help you :

ü To increase the density of keywords , Hide keywords in the page ( Define the text color as the same as the background color ).

ü In the image of ALT Add keywords to comment statements .

Such as :<IMG SRC="xxx.gif" Alt="Keywords">

ü utilize HTML The comment statement of , Add a lot of keywords to the page code .

usage : <!-- Insert keywords here -->

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