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Web Front end development evolved from web page production , There are three elements :HTML、CSS and JavaScript;
Web The number of front-end users has far exceeded the number of developers in mainstream programming languages .

Position reference :

Web Front end engineer
Front end architect
Website reconstruction Engineer
Web Production Engineer
H5 Development Engineer
Mobile Development Engineer
Four foundations of systematic learning front end html、css、js、jQuery

step 1: HTML Basics

HTML Mainly for “ Web creation and other information that can be seen in a web browser ” A markup language for design , Make the first step to build a web page structure . This stage mainly introduces HTML The grammatical basis of 、 form 、 Forms 、 Such as tag , And there are cases , To achieve the purpose of learning .

HTML Basics

HTML It's a necessary skill for making web pages , This course mainly introduces HTML Concept 、 Grammar and common basic tags

HTML form

Forms are used in web pages for data and typesetting , This course introduces the concept of tables 、 grammar 、 operation , And master knowledge through cases .

HTML Forms

Forms are used to collect user information , This course introduces the concept of forms 、 Syntax and creating forms , And master knowledge through cases .

Case building website HTML structure

This course leads you to build a web page together HTML structure , And master the knowledge and skills of network layout .

step 2: CSS Basics

CSS It's a way to define style structures like fonts 、 Color 、 The language of location, etc , Used to add effects to a page . This step mainly introduces CSS Basic grammar of 、 Selectors 、 Text 、 background 、 list 、 Box model 、 float 、 Positioning and layout of the web page .

CSS The art of choice

This course mainly introduces CSS grammar 、 Selectors 、 Inherit 、 Cascade and priority basic content .

CSS Text style

CSS For font 、 Text provides a lot of style properties , It can make our page style more colorful .

CSS Background and list

This course takes you through the background color 、 Knowledge of background pictures , And various styles of lists .

CSS Background and list

This course takes you through the background color 、 Knowledge of background pictures , And various styles of lists .

Box model

Let's learn about it css Box model of , Understand the box model , In order to better typesetting , Page layout .

float float

This course mainly introduces the function of floating , Lead you to layout the page in a better way .

CSS location (position)

This course , Will lead you to understand the knowledge of positioning , Teach you how to layout by positioning .

CSS Web layout basis

This course , We are aiming at CSS In the basic layout and classic layout to start a detailed explanation .

step 3: JavaScript Basics

JavaScript It's an interpretive scripting language , Mainly used to HTML Page add interaction behavior . This stage mainly leads you to learn JS Basic syntax 、 Flow control statement 、 function 、 object 、DOM、BOM、 Events and cases of carousels , Realize the interactive effect of the web page .

JavaScript grammar

A preliminary understanding JavaScript Language , Master its grammar 、 data type 、 Basic arithmetic and logic operations

JavaScript Flow control statement

master JavaScript The use of conditional branch statements and loop statements in , Use simple code to achieve powerful functions

JavaScript function

Master the use of functions , Learning the encapsulation of functions , Experience the process of code reuse and the convenience it brings

JavaScript Built-in objects

Learn common properties and methods of built-in objects , It's convenient for us to call , To achieve more functions

JavaScript DOM Basics

DOM Methods and properties of can get the elements in the web page , You can also set the content of the element 、 Style and effect

JavaScript DOM event

Bind keyboard or mouse events to elements in the page , So that we can trigger and achieve the interaction we want

JavaScript BOM Basics

Learn the browser object model “BOM”, Can access and operate the browser window , With browser “ dialogue

JavaScript To achieve the special effects of rotation

Comprehensive use JavaScript knowledge , Make a carousel 、tab Page switching and other practical effects

step 4: jQuery Basics

jQuery It's a fast one 、 concise JavaScript frame , The purpose of the design is “write Less,Do More”. This stage will introduce jQuery Basic grammar of 、 Selectors 、DOM、 event 、 plug-in unit 、 Waterfall case, etc .

jQuery The art of choice

The course mainly introduces jQuery The concept of 、 edition 、 Selectors , Filter 、 As well as js The difference between .

jQuery DOM operation

This course focuses on jQuery Search for elements 、 Modify the style and content of elements and other operation methods .

jQuery event

This course mainly introduces jQuery Object 0 Level event 、2 Level event , And the addition of events 、 remove 、 Trigger 、 Custom events 、 name

jQuery plug-in unit

This course mainly introduces how to find the plug-ins you need , How to use plug-ins , Introduction of several common plug-ins 、 And how to customize plug-ins .

jQuery Pop up layer case

Through the explanation of pop-up layer case , Let's use it more flexibly jQuery Properties and methods of, and encapsulation of functions .

Waterfall layout case

Waterfall flow layout , It is a popular way of web page layout at present , It loads content as the scroll bar on the page scrolls .


Three stages .

The first level , adapter . This level will be through learning HTML5 And CSS3 Realize dynamic special effects website ; Through the analysis of mobile infrastructure 、 Responsive explanation ,Get√ Skills to adapt to different mobile devices ;
The second level , build . This level will pass through to Bootstrap Explanation of the framework , Let Xiaobai graduates quickly transition from original writing to using Bootstrap Quickly build a web page structure ;
The third level , Efficient . This level will focus on CSS Preprocessing language of “Less”, because Less There will be a significant reduction in writing native CSS The amount of code work . And for the front-end siege lions , Code is easier to manage , Development efficiency is multiplied .

Bootstrap, Is based on HTML5、CSS3、JavaScript Developed , It's in jQuery On the basis of a more personalized 、 The perfection of humanity , Form a unique website style , Compatible with most jQuery plug-in unit .
Less, Expanded  CSS  Language , Added variables such as 、 blend (mixin)、 operation 、 Functions, etc . It can run on the server side (Node.js  and  Rhino  platform ) It can also run on the client side ( browser ).

Response type

Responsive in PC There are many uses for both mobile and mobile terminals , Change the style according to the size of the window , Retouch the layout as mobile devices change , No equipment can fail .


One of the most popular front-end frameworks at the moment , Simple and flexible , From grid layout 、 Module classification and layout 、 Common components, etc Bootstrap, Fast build to achieve web development .


HTML5 yes HTML Latest version , Compared to the old version , Many new features . Semantic tags 、 New properties 、 Audio video 、 Form validation and other new functions , It's easy for you to use .


CSS3 It's up to date CSS edition , There are a lot of new features , There are mainly selectors 、 Border and fillet 、 Background and gradient 、 Text and font 、 transformation 、 transition 、 Animation 、 And some layout styles and functions .

step 1:  Walk into HTML5

This stage leads you to know HTML Latest version HTML5, It mainly includes HTML5 The label changes 、 Property changes 、 Audio and video 、 And form validation . Make you right HTML5 There is a new understanding .

HTML5 Label changes

HTML5 How to define document types , What are the labels , And how to use it , On the whole HTML5

HTML5 Page layout

Traditional layout and HTML5 The difference and significance of web page layout , Explain how to use HTML5 Build a web page

HTML5 Property changes

Understand the benefits of these attributes , Deepen the understanding of labels , Will improve the efficiency of future development

HTML5 Audio and video

HTML5 There are new features in , Can achieve audio and video playback , This course leads you to learn this powerful function .

HTML5 Form validation

This course mainly introduces H5 Some new functions in form validation are added in , By setting some properties , It can control the condition .

step 2: CSS3 Detailed explanation

This stage mainly leads you to CSS3 The world of , It mainly includes CSS3 Selector 、 Frame 、 Round corners 、 background 、 The gradient 、 Text 、 typeface 、 transformation 、 transition 、 Animation 、 Multi column layout and user interface , Make you right CSS3 Have a comprehensive understanding .

CSS3 Selectors

Explain in detail CSS3 The change of , New concepts and ideas , And its CSS3 New selector

CSS3 Border and fillet

Bring magic rounded border 、 Shadow box and its picture border, etc , A new property of great practical value

CSS3 Background and gradient

The same magical background control property , And how to use color transition to achieve a beautiful gradient effect

CSS3 Text and font

CSS3 Also added in the text and font settings , Let's study together .

CSS3 transformation

Go deep into how elements twist 、 Shift or rotate , Let's be more free to decorate and deform HTML Components

CSS3 transition

Let's explore how to pass CSS3 Attribute value changes to achieve animation effect , How to trigger these animations to generate interaction

CSS3 Animation

Use animation attribute , The realization of the past needs to use Flash And other animation software to complete the cool effect

CSS3 Multi column layout

This course mainly introduces CSS3 in column-width、column-count、column-gap、column-rule、column-span、column-fill etc. .

CSS3 The user interface

stay CSS3 in , New user interface features include resizing elements 、 Box size and outline etc . Let's analyze this course carefully , How do these new user interfaces respond to

step 3:  Mobile infrastructure and responsive

The mobile terminal needs to adapt to different devices , This stage mainly leads you to the mobile terminal , Including moving the base view 、 Elastic box layout 、 Responsive layout 、 And layout cases and other courses , Lay a solid foundation for mobile development .

Mobile foundation

Through the study of this course , We can learn about the mobile terminal and PC In different places , Through the foundation of mobile terminal 、 Unit of measure 、 With the study of browser and other knowledge, we can have a great influence on the development of mobile terminal

flex Elastic layout

This course will lead you to learn the layout of mobile terminal ——flex Layout . Learn by learning the properties of scalable containers and projects , Complete the implementation of the page

Responsive layout

This course , The teacher will lead you to learn the implementation of mobile terminal responsive layout , When the screen reaches a certain width, it will have a different layout .

Mobile interface case

This course mainly explains an interface case of mobile terminal , Through the explanation of the layout , Code analysis and flex Use of layout , Let us have a comprehensive understanding of the actual development of the mobile terminal .

step 4: Bootstrap Detailed explanation

At this stage, we will mainly study Bootstrap The content of , First of all, it will Bootstrap Explain the basic knowledge of , From download configuration to component application , And then through a case to explain its use skills . Take you to the bottom of the story Bootstrap The magic of .

bootstrap Grid layout

This course mainly explains what is bootstrap The grid layout of , And how to use grid layout to complete responsive page

bootstrap Module classification and layout

Through the study of this course , We will classify the modules of the page , Typesetting the layout , And the use of bootStrap For forms 、 form 、 Button 、 Image and text styles .

bootstrap Common components

This lesson will lead you to learn bootstrap Plug ins and components , Reusable components and plug-ins improve the development efficiency and increase the user experience of the page .

bootstrap Practical cases

To study the bootstrap Basic knowledge of , In this course, we will use bootstrap Realize the layout of a web page , Experience the development process of the project to

step 5: Less Learning is learning.

In this stage, I will lead you to study together Less The content of , First of all, I will explain the basic usage , Then there will be practical applications , Yes less Do a thorough study , Only when applied to practice can we really understand .

less Basics

less Language is in css On the basis of grammar , Introduced variables ,Mixin( Mix in ), operation , And functions , It allows us to do more with less code !

less Practical cases

Passed less Basic learning , I'm sure you're right less Have a preliminary understanding of , This course leads you to complete a task with less Do the web page , Apply knowledge to the project .

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