rapyd yes scrapy Deployment of ,  It's an official crawler management tool ,

It is very convenient to upload and control the operation of the crawler through it ,

install : pip install scapyd

He provided a json ,web, server

Enter... On the command line scrapyd enter ,

Give me a local request :  curl http://localhost:6800

If It's interface free linux , It can be forwarded through a port

python The path to the installation Library

vim Go to the file The default is

So you can visit ,

And install a client , pin install scrapy client

Configure service information in this file

These are the only two that need to be configured , One is the server ip, One is the name of the project ,

List available servers

Deployment project : scrapyd-deploy <target0> -p <project>--version<version>

Write push in the most efficient way :scrapyd-deploy -p Project name

Call crawler : curl http://localhost:6800/schedule.json -d project xxx -d spider=xx

xxx Project name ,

xx It's the name of the reptile , In the project spider In the catalog xx.py Name of file

Cancel the reptile : curl http://localhost:6800/cancer.json -d project xxx -d job=0000000

among 0000000 It's a reptile jobid

List all job:      curl http://localhost:6800/listjobs.json?project=xxx

among xxx Project name

List reptiles :      curl http://localhost:6800/listjobs.json?spider=xxx

Delete the project : curl http://localhost:6800/delproject.json -d projec=xxxx -d version=

check scrapy process id

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