hdfs-over-ftp It's open source , It's easy to use HDFS System download and upload function of small tools . Can be used as a management tool , Fast and convenient .

1 install jdk(1.6 Above version ) And configure environment variables
Separately java -version and javac -version, If the display version is correct , The installation and configuration are successful

2 install hadoop, And start the service and configure the environment variables
perform hadoop version, If the correct version number is displayed , The installation and configuration are successful

3 install maven(3.0.4) And configure environment variables
perform mvn --version, If the correct version is displayed , The installation and configuration are successful

4 download hdfs-over-ftp-master.tar.gz, Address https://github.com/iponweb/hdfs-over-ftp

5 tar -zvxf hdfs-over-ftp-master.tar.gz

6 vi hdfs-over-ftp-master/src/main/resources/users.properties

7 Set the value of the red font to the value of the password you want to set MD5 Encrypted value , The password below is 123456 Of MD5 Encrypted value


8 Modify file hdfs-over-ftp-master/src/main/resources/hdfs-over-ftp.properties Configuration of , Red is the modified value
#uncomment this to run ftp server
port = 2222
data-ports = 2223

#uncomment this to run ssl ftp server
#ssl-port = 2226
#ssl-data-ports = 2227

# hdfs uri
hdfs-uri = hdfs://localhost:9000

# have to be a user which runs HDFS
# this allows you to start ftp server as a root to use 21 port
# and use hdfs as a superuser
 superuser = agladyshev

9 Modify file hdfs-over-ftp-master/pom.xml Configuration of , The red font is the modified part , If it is not modified, some packages may not be found when the server is running


10 perform sh hdfs-over-ftp-master/hdfs-over-ftp.sh, After downloading all the packages, the server will start ( Be careful : install ftp The service machine must be able to connect to the Internet )
11 If the display server is started , You can do anything ftp The client or command is logged in

After starting the server , Use ftp://localhost:2222 Get into hdfs System . According to my personal test .. Convenience is very convenient , But there's always bug, Sometimes, for example, they fail , No way to land , Or download and upload no response need to restart the service . So the tool is not stable enough .

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