Why use dubbo?

When the scale of the website reaches a certain level , ordinary MVC The framework can no longer meet our needs , So the distributed service framework and mobile architecture are highlighted .


Single application architecture

When website traffic is low , Just one app , Deploy all functions together , To reduce deployment nodes and costs . here , Data access framework to simplify the work of adding, deleting, modifying and querying (ORM) Is the key .

Vertical application architecture

When the number of visits increases gradually , Single application increases the acceleration brought by the machine is getting smaller and smaller , Split the application into several unrelated applications , To improve efficiency . here , For accelerating front-end page development Web frame (MVC) Is the key .

Distributed service architecture

As more and more vertical applications , Interaction between applications is inevitable , Extract core business , As an independent service , Gradually form a stable service center , Enable front-end applications to respond more quickly to changing market demands .

here , Distributed service framework for business reuse and integration (RPC) Is the key .

Flow computing architecture

When the service is more and more , Capacity assessment , Problems such as waste of small service resources are gradually emerging , At this time, it is necessary to add a dispatching center to manage the cluster capacity in real time based on the access pressure , Improve cluster utilization .

here , Resource scheduling and Governance Center for improving machine utilization (SOA) Is the key .

I don't say much nonsense , Let's build one first and see what's going on ?–

For me now it's just , I A The project wants to call B What to do with the methods in Engineering ? I import No, come in , At this time, I need to call the method remotely , How to call it remotely ?dobbu Give me a good open source framework , Then I'll use it to operate it !

dubbo and zookeeper What's the matter ?

To put it simply, for example :dubbo It's the animals in the zoo ,zookeeper It's the zoo . If tourists want to see animals, then go to the zoo . For example, if you want to see a tiger , Then the zoo has you to see . In other words, we put a lot of different dubbo( animal ) Put it in zookeeper( In the zoo ) Provide us tourists to watch . There are three keys to this process : place 、 Supplier 、 consumer .

Another distributed project ,server( consumption ) Layer and service( supply ) The layers are split apart , Deploy in different tomcat in , I am here server Layer needs to call service Layer interface , But the two run in different tomcat The service under the interface cannot be directly intermodulated , Then you can pass zookeeper and dubbo Realization . It's like putting animals in the zoo , We're going to see it. Just go to the zoo . Instead of going to the places where animals live , There will be life safety concerns ( For example, you go to see tigers ).

We go through dubbo establish service This service , And to the zookeeper The above registration , Fill in the corresponding zookeeper Where the service is Of IP And port number .


Here's our server Layer needs to call service The interface , Because in different projects , It can't be found directly service Interface , We use dubbo Let's refer to the registered dubbo service .

Let's fill in zookeeper Where the service is Of IP And port number , Fill in the name of the interface we need to call .


such , You can call

Use dubbo Here's a picture from the official website dubbo:

original text :https://blog.csdn.net/yuanlaijike/article/details/79654183

link :https://www.jianshu.com/p/5e3cbac93689

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