This article focuses on windows Under the system Python3.5 The third party in the market excel Operation Library -openpyxl;

Actually Python Third party libraries have a lot to work with Excel, Such as :xlrd,xlwt,xlwings Even annotated data analysis module Pandas Also provide pandas.read_excel、pandas.DataFrame.to_excel function .

that openpyxl What are the advantages and disadvantages of our library :

advantage :

1、openpyxl Provide right pandas Of dataframe Object perfect support ;

2、openpyxl Support background silent open excel file ;

3、 It supports excel Some of sort、filter Screening 、 Sorting function , Support rich cells style( style ) Design ;

4、 It also supports reading off the shelf excel file & Create a new excel file ;

5、 It supports the latest xlsx Format file , And update frequently , The operation is simple .

shortcoming :

1、 The operation efficiency is relatively low , When there are too many table row items , Operation relative pandas It's slow to wait ;

2、 Some of the styles are designed for rows or columns bug, Grammar can fail ;

3、 Yes sort and filter Although it supports , But it needs to be opened manually excel After refreshing the data, the search criteria will take effect , It's semi-automatic ;

4、 I won't support it excel Native automatic column width function , It's a little more complicated to achieve the same effect .

The simple properties and methods are as follows :

New workbook object :

>>> from openpyxl import Workbook
>>> wb = Workbook()

Locate the currently active worksheet :

>>> ws =

Create a new worksheet :

ws1 = wb.create_sheet("Sheet2")

Change the name of the worksheet :

ws.title = "New Sheet"

If you want to select an inactive sheet , You can specify a worksheet name , Such as :

ws=wb["New Sheet"]

Copy the worksheet as a copy :

>>> ws1 =
>>> ws2 = wb.copy_worksheet(ws1)

There are two ways to access cells , For example, access cells A3, Can write :

>>> ws['A3'] = ”hello"

or :

>>> ws.cell(row=3,column=1).value = ”hello"

It can also be simplified as :

>>> ws.cell(3,1).value = ”hello"

Access multiple cell ranges Range:

>>> cell_range = ws['A1':'B5']

Empathy , Visit a line ( Like the third line ) Can write :

>>> row3 = ws[3]

Access a column ( Such as C Column ) Can write :

>>> colC = ws['C']

If you want to access multiple rows and columns , Then use “:” Separate , Such as :

>>> col_range = ws['C:D']

>>> row_range = ws[5:10]

After the operation on the worksheet is completed, save it :

>>> wb = Workbook()
>>>'test.xlsx')  # You can specify fullname, If only the name itself , The file will be saved in py Script in the same level directory .

PS: If the file name you want to save already exists , Then this operation will override the existing file without warning .

Import openpyxl.load_workbook() Come on Open an existing workbook :

>>> from openpyxl import load_workbook
>>> wb = load_workbook('test.xlsx')

adopt append Method line by line write excel, Write from scratch 10 Row data can be traversed through these :

>>> for row in range(1, 11):
...     ws1.append(range(10))

ps:workbook Object's -data_only attribute There's a formula for controlling cells The formula ( Default ) or Excel Read the last stored value table .

Write formulas to cells , The method is as follows :

>>> ws["C1"] = "=average(A1, B1)"

Common cell merging and unmixing , The method is as follows :

>>> ws.merge_cells('A1:B5')
>>> ws.unmerge_cells('A1:B5')

Main examples :1、 utilize openpyxl The module splits worksheets into multiple workbooks based on multiple fields ,

2、 At the same time meet the style requirements , Import only part of the data marked in red , At the same time, color label specific line items ,

3、 utilize pandas The module of excel Sort files 、 Screening , Write back excel. Raw data header header as follows :

The main codes are as follows :

The main function :
1、 Generate the required fields into corresponding tables ;2、 Make the amount positive (S) Line items are marked yellow ;
3、 Import only specific materials ;4、 Restrict the naming of data sources ;
5、 Add a message reminder after the program runs ;6、 increase padas Sort 、 Filtering function
from openpyxl import load_workbook
from openpyxl import Workbook
from openpyxl.styles import PatternFill,Border,Side,Alignment,Protection,Font,GradientFill,Color,Colors
import easygui as eg,pandas as pd
import os,time pwd = os.getcwd()
writer = pd.ExcelWriter(' Estimation table _ By company & Supplier ranking .xlsx')
df1 = pd.DataFrame(pd.read_excel(os.path.join(pwd,' Estimation table .xlsx'),dtype={' supplier ':str,' materiel ':str,' Purchase order ':str})) # take excel Read in pandas Of DataFrame object , At the same time “ supplier 、 materiel 、 Purchase order ” And other fields are of string type , To avoid being pandas Convert to number
df1=df1.sort_values(by=[" company "," supplier "],ascending=True) # Based on the company 、 The supplier fields are arranged in ascending order , There are primary and secondary sorting of fields
df1.to_excel(writer,'Sheet1',index=False) #index=False, Indicates import excel Do not write DataFrame The index column of the object thin = Side(border_style="thin", color="") # Border style , Defined as objects if not os.path.exists(pwd+"\\ Estimation classification table "):
os.mkdir(pwd+"\\ Estimation classification table ")
wb = load_workbook(filename=pwd+u"\\ Estimation table _ By company & Supplier ranking .xlsx")
navigation=[' company ',' supplier ',' Name Description ',' materiel ',' Material description ',' Number ',' Company ',' Posting date ',' amount of money ',' Purchase order ']
ubound=ws.max_row while True: k=2
ws1.append(navigation) # The required header is fixed content , use append Method to write the first line through the list
if ubound>1:
for i in range(ubound,1,-1): # The loop range is variable , The scope gradually decreases , The number of cycles per cycle decreases , Simultaneous use break Statement to complete the interruption of the loop , In steps of -1, Indicates that the data is read from the bottom of the table to the top
for j in range(1,21): # Traverse all columns
if ws.cell(1,j).value in navigation and ws.cell(i,18).value !=None and ws.cell(i,18).value[0:7] ==" raw material - Spare parts ": # Sum up to the same excel Conditions : Suppliers in the upper and lower lines 、 The company is the same
ws1.cell(k,col).value=ws.cell(i,j).value # New table No K The row is taken from the source table i Row data if ws.cell(i,12).value=="S": # The amount is specially marked in the timing color
ws1.cell(k,col).fill=GradientFill(stop=['FFFF00', 'F5DEB3']) # Gradient yellow shading background
ws1.cell(k,8).number_format="yyyy-mm-dd" # Format cells to date
k=k+1 # The new table is written down from the first row , The source table is read up from the last line if ws.cell(i-1,1).value !=ws.cell(i,1).value or ws.cell(i-1,3).value != ws.cell(i,3).value: # Judge the condition : Different companies or different suppliers
break ubound=i-1
companyCode=ws1.cell(2,1).value # Store the company code corresponding to each sub table
vendorCode=ws1.cell(2,2).value # Store the supplier number corresponding to each sub table
if companyCode !=None:
for col in ["A","B","C","D","E","F","G","H","J"]:
#ws1.column_dimensions[col] .border=Border(top=thin, left=thin, right=thin, bottom=thin)
ws1.column_dimensions[col].width=25 # Set fixed column width
for col in range(1,11):
ws1.cell(1,col).font=Font(name='Microsoft YaHei',size=13,bold=True,color=colors.RED) # Set the font style of the title line
ws1.cell(1,col).border=Border(top=thin, left=thin, right=thin, bottom=thin) # Set the border style of the title line"\\ Estimation classification table \\%s_%s.xlsx"%(companyCode,vendorCode)) # The split form is based on the company code 、 Supplier number sorting else:
break eg.msgbox(msg='( Splitting of estimation table is completed )', title='Information', ok_button=' determine ', image=None, root=None)

The resulting table style is as follows :

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