1 obtain IP Address

echo StartChangeIPFile
echo Get the hostname
for /f %%i in ('hostname') do (set pcName=%%i)
::ping %pcName% -4
echo Start getting IP And keep it in c:\tmp\ip.txt In file
for /f "tokens=2 delims=[]" %%i in ('ping %pcName% -4^|findstr "%pcName%"') do (set ip=%%i
echo %%i>c:\tmp\ip.txt)
echo replace content
for /f "tokens=* " %%i in (c:\tmp\ip.txt) do set "ip=%%i"
if defined ip (
echo Variable ip The value of is not empty
) else (echo Variable ip Null value
:: The following is to modify a file , Replace the specified content with IP, Attention is not getting IP That's the best part
:: It's used here sed command , If used , It can be downloaded from the Internet Windows The version is just
sed "s/=.*IP/=%ip%/g" %DirPath%agent_net.cfg >c:\tmp\agent_net.cfg
echo Coverage
copy /y c:\tmp\agent_net.cfg %DirPath%agent_net.cfg

If the host is hosts Add... To the document hostname analysis , Then it is possible to obtain by using the above method ip The address is,

We can use powershell To get IP:

Reference resources :Get Current IP Address

 #Here is a quick way to get all IP addresses assigned to your #computer:
#requires -Version
$ipaddress = [System.Net.DNS]::GetHostByName($null)
Foreach ($ip in $ipaddress.AddressList)
If you replace $null with a hostname (like "server123"), you can retrieve the IP address(es) assigned to that computer instead, too.
#And if you are just interested in IPv4 addresses, try this:
#requires -Version
$ipaddress = [System.Net.DNS]::GetHostByName($null)
foreach($ip in $ipaddress.AddressList)
if ($ip.AddressFamily -eq 'InterNetwork')

2 About For loop

It's more comprehensive to refer to others , as follows :

BAT Batch processing removes everything before or after the specified character

Use it directly window Just help , open cmd, Input for /?.

The more common ones are as follows ( Direct operation bat File replacement below % by %%, If you write directly from the command line , Direct order % Here's how it works )

FOR /F ["options"] %variable IN (file-set) DO command [command-parameters]
FOR /F ["options"] %variable IN ("string") DO command [command-parameters]

FOR /F ["options"] %variable IN ('command') DO command [command-parameters]

3 Post a few more grammatical sentences

1 if……else

if exist "D:\" (
echo aaa
 goto DecompressOnDiskD
) else (
goto DecpmpressOnDiskC

2 Scripts call other scripts , Never use goto, Use call, Otherwise, the execution will be interrupted

3 Variable assignment is set

4 Jump inside the program , It's best to use labels , And then use goto Jump

goto ChangeIp
echo StartChangeIPFile

5 Windows The escape character is ^, as follows

set "str1=^<WorkingDirectory^>%cd%^<^/WorkingDirectory^>"

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