This article just records a custom UIPageControl Making , It's very simple   The source code will be linked at the bottom , I hope to have more exchanges , Support a lot .

First of all, the effect picture is as follows :

First, make one UISCrollView

// It is recommended to do so , Memory leakage can be avoided

UIScrollView *scrol = [[UIScrollViewalloc]init];

self.scrol = scrol;

[scrol release];

MyPageControl *page = [[MyPageControlalloc]init];

self.pageControl = page;

[page release];

//   Set up UIScrollView Some properties of

self.scrol.frame =CGRectMake(0,5,320,150);

self.scrol.contentSize =CGSizeMake(320*3,150);

self.scrol.showsHorizontalScrollIndicator =NO;

self.scrol.pagingEnabled =YES;

self.scrol.bounces =NO;

self.scrol.delegate =self;

//     Add here 3 A picture For demonstration

for (int i = 0; i<3; i++) {

UIImageView *imgv = [[UIImageViewalloc]initWithImage:[UIImageimageNamed:@"default_pic.png"]];

imgv.frame = CGRectMake(i*320,0,320, 150);


[imgv release];



//   Add shadow below picture

UIImageView *img_shade = [[UIImageViewalloc]initWithImage:[UIImageimageNamed:@"shade.png"]];

img_shade.frame = CGRectMake(0,135,320, 20);

//   Here's the point

CGRect rect =CGRectMake(, img_shade.frame.size.height -20,35,20);

self.pageControl.frame = rect;  //     Set coordinates

[_pageControlsetCurrentPage:0];//     Set current display

[_pageControlsetNumberOfPages:3];//     How many sets are there

self.pageControl.backgroundColor = [UIColorclearColor];//     Set the background color to none

[selfsetPageControlPoint];//     Here is a method to set the color of the picture , That's because it's in the middle of nowhere UIScrollView You can change the color when you slide

[self.pageControlsetHidesForSinglePage:YES];//     This property is a description , When there is only one picture, a dot should also be displayed , The default is NO, That is, a point is not displayed

[img_shade addSubview:self.pageControl];

[self.view addSubview:img_shade];

[img_shade release];

Source code address :

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