Pictures, etc. ......




The root component , Three parts : Templates 、 Behavior ( Processing logic )、 style ;

Templates :

There can only be one root tag ;


After introducing the organization into the behavior , Use this tag to correlate them ;

Behavior :

import HelloWorld from './components/HelloWorld'

This is another component , Used to associate components , A component can be understood as a functional page , Projects are all done by multiple components ;

export default{


components:{ HelloWorld,Home }


Here is the registration component ; You need to introduce components first , To register again , Then write out the label , To make a real connection ;

4、main.js( important ):

Follow index.html There is a direct connection , When performing the index.html The next thing to do is main.js;

import Vue from 'vue'

introduce vue You can instantiate it below

new Vue({

el:'#app', //el:element,'#app' Namely index.html Medium id=‘app’

template:'<App/>', //'<App/>' The label of the component call

components:{ App } // call App This component


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