The question : Give a tree , Cut some edges , Make the product of all connected block sizes maximum .
Ideas :f[i][j] On behalf of the current j A contribution to i Father ( That is, it is not included in f[i][j]) What is the maximum product of , Transfer is backpack transfer

I remember the last time I counted the answers was f[i][j]*j

#define wk sb
#define ll long long
int tot,son[],first[],next[],go[];
int n;
struct node{
int a[],n;
int read(){
int t=,f=;char ch=getchar();
while (ch<''||ch>''){if (ch=='-') f=-;ch=getchar();}
while (''<=ch&&ch<=''){t=t*+ch-'';ch=getchar();}
return t*f;
void insert(int x,int y){
void add(int x,int y){
node operator *(node a,node b){
node c;c.n=;for (int i=;i<=;i++) c.a[i]=;
for (int i=;i<=a.n;i++)
for (int j=;j<=b.n;j++){
int j=;
while (j<=c.n||c.a[j]>){
while (j>&&c.a[j]==) j--;
return c;
node make(int x){
node c;
c.n=;for (int i=;i<=;i++) c.a[i]=;
while (x){
return c;
node up(node a,node b){
if (a.n>b.n) return a;
if (b.n>a.n) return b;
for (int i=a.n;i>=;i--)
if (a.a[i]>b.a[i]) return a;
if (b.a[i]>a.a[i]) return b;
return a;
void dfs(int x,int fa){
for (int i=first[x];i;i=next[i]){
int pur=go[i];
if (pur==fa) continue;
for (int j=son[x];j>=;j--)
for (int k=son[pur];k>=;k--)
for (int i=;i<=son[x];i++)
int main(){
for (int i=;i<n;i++){
int x=read(),y=read();
for (int i=f[][].n-;i>=;i--)

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