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php When a user-defined function accepts a parameter, it can directly assign a default value to it

function TestStr($str)
return $str." Is a string ";

echo TestStr("abcdef")."</br>";

The above custom function takes a parameter , If we call TestStr() ; What happens if you don't give the parameters ?

Direct error :Warning: Missing argument 1 for TestStr()

So in the process of development, in order to avoid the above errors, we generally need to assign default values to parameters when we customize functions , as follows

function TestStr2($str="kkkkk")
return $str." Is a string ";

Now call TestStr2() Don't go wrong , Direct output kkkkk Is a string , Of course, the default parameters will be replaced after you send out the parameters .

The third case :

Yes 2 With more than one parameter , If not all the default values are given , Be sure to give the default values from right to left . Here are some examples of mistakes

function TestStr3($str ='mmmmm' ,$para)
return $str." and ".$para." All strings ";

The above doesn't follow from right to left to give the default value , But the one on the far left gives a default value .

When we call a function TestStr3(" The first parameter "); What we expect is that the first parameter is replaced by the default value , The second parameter is replaced by an incoming parameter . But it's not like that , The order of replacing parameters is from left to right . So not only does the second parameter have no value passed in , Not even a default value , So report a mistake directly

The correct default value should be like this

function TestStr3($str,$para='mmmmm')
return $str." and ".$para." All strings ";

Then the output :

The first parameter and mmmmm All strings

php Function parameters are assigned from left to right

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