Hide things when meeting people - calm down when meeting things - anger suppresses fire
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01:“ Hide things when you meet people ”

I went back to my hometown a few days ago Add a wechat to send a small message Faxiao is a girl who likes to show herself Always share your feelings in your circle of friends . People can send one or two at most every day And she can send six or seven circles of friends in a row .

Only later did I know that she was lovelorn Circle of friends is like a serial novel The beauty of love Reasons for breaking up A person's loneliness Negative emotions unfold in turn My circle of friends are all with some tearful self portraits, sad pictures and so on It really makes people want to ignore it .

After a few consolations And then one day I gave her a circle of friends comment Again, I want to persuade her to be more open I didn't expect to have a private chat immediately It was early in the morning Sent me a long voice After a while, several messages came in succession Then I listened to the voice Found her drinking I just want to chat with someone I comforted her It wasn't long since I came home I chatted with her for a while Exhausted, I said good night to her Just hang up At that time, I silently pulled her black in my heart .

A chance One of our mutual friends has renewed a circle of friends She asked in the comments section I sent you a message Why don't you come back That friend light back two words “ Too busy ”.

But in fact My friend and I just We had dinner together When it comes to her We both have the same feeling : And someone who can't hide things in his heart I'm so tired .

I don't know if you have such friends around you But they're not bad It's just that I can't keep secrets in my heart .

Good or bad Regardless of the relationship Regardless of time or occasion Always looking for someone to share or share But they don't understand this kind of reckless communication It's not talking It's just pouring out .

Common things , pleasure, anger, sorrow, joy , Learn to open your mouth , We should also learn to cooperate .

Happy thing , Share with important people ; Sad things , Try to digest it yourself , It's a kindness of understanding friends , It's the ability to repair yourself .

I only say seven words to everyone , Don't throw all your heart . There are three mysteries left , It's our gift to the world .

02:“ Calm down when things happen ”

A few days ago, my friends updated their circle of friends Between a few words It's all quiet time .

My friend is a science student I used to teach high school chemistry in the county Consider your age and family when you get married Once again, I'm going to take the exam I went ashore and was admitted to an urban school .

But Live and get what you want The Municipal Education Bureau considers the practical problems of education She was assigned to primary school But the school itself lacks discipline Let her teach Chinese .

First, the span of Arts and Sciences is large But there is a big difference in the age of the students taught In a new unit The more she wants to stand firm The more you mess up Make mistakes frequently Repeatedly criticized by the school . An unexpected trouble Let her understand , The more anxious, the more trouble She clenched her teeth Remind yourself over and over again : Don't panic , Take your time and you'll get better .

On a new track Be careful with every step you take It's very hard , But also incomparably firm .

later She gradually became familiar with the environment Also familiar with the teaching materials But the teacher she was working with I took maternity leave again He was ordered to , I've been a head teacher again I'm not surprised , Let her see and break . finally Once again in the national teacher online class competition My friend's Chinese class was appraised as provincial excellent Let her get professional affirmation .

And in the next two years She read a lot Continuous output and effort Published a number of articles Successfully entered the City Writers Association .

At a meal Friends say In the most difficult days The faster they grow There is no stable job in the world Only a steady mind .

Not long after , That's true. She has been transferred to a new school by the Bureau Back to my science major Although the future is uncertain It's going to start all over again But as her circle of friends says : Life won't always be good It won't go bad all the time . Hold your breath for a second The next second is more powerful .

just as 《 Legendum 》 Li said “ Wholphin ‘ Fish Chen Qian in the sea You LAN indulges in the valley Calm, quiet and disturbing Qingming is in my heart ”.

Yeah , Everything in the world , Calm down , Only then has the time and the mood to grow .

If things are urgent, they will be slow , take more time to consider the matter . No matter how much wind and rain ahead , No matter how rough the road is , Calm down , Calm down , Through the darkest night , To see the brightest star .

03:“ Make air to hold fire ”

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