Meet a better self
Life journey 2021-06-04 13:31:21

I don't know when it started , It's easy to fall into memories , A small object that I haven't picked up for a long time , Or a familiar scene , Just pull me in , Meet yourself in the past . In fact, I like quiet in my heart, but I'm afraid of death , Always want to choose a quiet corner in a prosperous city , Take off all the anxieties and anxieties , Say goodbye to all the unhappiness and unhappiness in the past , Then think about all the people you miss , Make the call you should make , Send the message that should be sent , Then say to yourself :“ In fact, nothing can't pass .” A thousand sails have sailed over a sunken boat , In front of the diseased tree, there is also wanmuchun !

Life is generally prosperous and sometimes simple , Through spring and summer, through autumn and winter , I'm over my best years . I don't want to live a magnificent life , Work is good , Family, too , Feelings are good , Hope to pass quietly like mountain and light like water . But no matter how happy life is, there are also disappointments , Things in the world are always good and bad , Where the attention is, the heart is . When the perfection in memory and the creation of reality are helpless to merge , The bottom of one's heart is the desolation that cannot be appeased , As the saying goes “ The moon knows nothing , Each has a thousand worries, who can understand !”

I often think of what Li Zelin said :“ If time will come back , If every node of life exists in another space-time at the same time , Your ten years old 、 Fifteen years old 、 twenty years old …… Still dancing in another world , Do you want them to be better than you , I wonder if they will not repeat your regrets .” I often think about how many regrets I have in my life that I have to tell myself in another time and space ? But in this world, there is no if except the result and consequence . That's exactly what I said “ But don't ask , White clouds are endless .”

Years have come , Flowers bloom thanks , Only gradually found that many things we can not control , Time is a terrible killer , Gently across our lives , Harvest our youth, our frivolity , The more you grow up, the more you feel that things are right and people are wrong . More and more people you know, less and less people you can contact , There are even fewer intimate people . Sometimes I stand by the side of the road and watch people come and go , I suddenly feel that the city is more desolate than the desert , Everyone is so close , But I don't understand each other at all , So noisy, so many people talking , But no one is listening .

Every time, every corner, there's a story happening , Every day to deal with the heavy pressure, always sigh if the time can go back , How I wish I could forever engrave myself in those carefree and insane years . Think about what happened to the people I met over the years , In fact, sometimes people's feelings are like knitting sweaters , When weaving, one stitch and one thread , When you dismantle it, just pull it gently , Maybe it's just a casual word or a thing , All emotions are gone . So learn not to expect anything from anyone , It's not a cold heart , I want to look forward to myself more , I want to surprise myself more . What should come will always come .

I often think that if I meet the best myself at the best age, what kind of sweat will my life be like ! But a lot of things in life are out of control , The older you get, the more you understand the limits of life . Limited life to do limited efforts , My own evolution should be the happiest thing in the world . Thanks for the integration of reading into my life , In his forties, he inadvertently picked up his hobby of daubing words , I found that with a sincere heart, I knew myself again and met a better myself .

It's often said that what we appreciate about others is the advantages we don't have , Time goes by, time goes by , People come and go and meet perfection by chance , Meet people who understand us . But fate has always been met but not sought , So there are always some people who can only live in your heart and say goodbye in our life . Life is half a memory, half a continuation , Time is changing and people are changing , Life is an out of print movie that can't be played back , Some things, no matter how hard you try , If you can't go back, you can't go back , Even if I did go back , You'll find that it's probably beyond recognition , The only thing that can go back is the memory in my heart .

But no matter how the world treats us , We should always be good to ourselves , Let your heart calm down and slowly understand yourself , Out of the past , Find your simple self , Meet a better self , Happiness comes by chance ! No past, no future , So safe !

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