A visit to Wuzhen
Life journey 2021-06-04 13:31:06

Wuzhen is a land of fish and rice, and also a house of silk , It is one of the six famous towns in Jiangnan , It is an ancient town with a long history of more than 6000 years , It was once known as Wudun and Qingdun , It's a beautiful tourist attraction . Today I'm going to this beautiful place .

On the day , It's a drizzle in the sky , Wuzhen is more beautiful in the rain , More poetic . When you get to Wuzhen, you have to go to Jiangnan baizhuguan , As soon as I entered the hundred bed Museum, I felt a strong cultural connotation coming towards me , Not to mention the exquisite beds , It makes me feel the wisdom of the ancients , The essence of craftsmanship .

“ a farewell ” A hundred beds hall , Let's go to Wenchang Pavilion . The river port in front of the college

There is a pavilion on the wall , Famous Wenchang Pavilion . Between the academy and the Pavilion , It's just a narrow Guanqian Street . It is said that the old scholars went to Wenchang Pavilion , Usually accompanied by a small boat . The boat is moored by your river , The reader went upstairs , The servants were sitting on the benches on both sides of the aisle waiting . The imperial examination was abolished in the late Qing Dynasty , Wenchang Pavilion has become a place for town people to visit , At the same time, due to the central position created for a long time , It's also the town's news center .

Aspiring Academy “ Leave school ” La ! We went out in a canoe , It's floating on the boat , Plus the drizzle outside , I can't help feeling like an immortal , This is something I will never forget .

Wuzhen is a picture , A beautiful ink landscape painting that can't be more beautiful .

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